I have two accounts in Clicksure but i have problem

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I'm having trouble

I have two accounts in clicksure

first for me and second joint account between me and my friend

My account has the required documents .. identity card .. Title

But the other account does not have documents and received message yesterday that they will not pay for our account if we do not put the other documents

what do you think i need to do? can i upload the same documents?
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    I wouldn't upload the same docs to the both account you can submit the different one as you have one account mutual!
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      Originally Posted by FannieLaine View Post

      I wouldn't upload the same docs to the both account you can submit the different one as you have one account mutual!
      Thanks man

      in my account i am upload my national id .. and this company accept id card

      in another account the support send me message


      Thank you for submitting your Compliance Documents.

      I can advise that the Identity Document you have submitted is not accepted by ClickSure as proof of identity.

      Please upload one of the following documents:

      - Passport
      - Driver's License

      Once we have this information we will be able to approve your compliance documents.

      id don't no why not accept another id card in different account
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    Call them and explain the situation , this is your best bet
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    Use different document to verify
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    I would definitely use different document to verify..
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    We are required by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius to have accurate details of each account holder on file. This is why we ask all users to upload standard KYC documents. In order for us to verify the identity of the account holder, we require a copy of either a valid driver's license or passport. Please note that any documents that are provided are used solely for the purpose of account verification.

    If you have multiple accounts registered with the network, you can create a Master Account. You can then link your individual accounts to your Master to save you from having to keep uploading your documents. You are also able to manage your accounts from within your Master.

    Mohaarah - If you are experiencing difficulties getting your account approved, please feel free to drop me a direct message with your Affiliate IDs and I'll be happy to help you.

    - Dee
    Join ClickSure Today - http://clicksure.com/
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    I wouldn't upload the documents just now but give them a call instead. I'm sure they will understand your situation of the separate joint-account and should be quite helpful over the phone if you quickly explain your circumstances.

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