Where do I track my ads.

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Setting up a dating offer in Plenty of Fish
I'm a little confused about tracking ads.
If I have one offer and I've built 2 landing pages and I want 10 ads, where do I track the ads.
Do I create one campaign in POF with 10 different creatives or do I create 10 different campaings (all with same targeting)
I've set up CPVLabs so I can see there I can track my offers and landing pages but I'm not understanding the connection of
tracking the add to the landing pages.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    If you already have CPVlab then you can literally set up a multiple link campaign and rotate pages as per your requirement and see perfectly what is converting..
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    add your website to Google analyticcs and use this code during advertising @ yoururllink.com/?utm_source=Adverting-SITE-NAME-HERE&utm_medium=CPCorCOMorCPA&utm_term=TARGETING%2 0KEYWORD%3D&utm_campaign=CAMPAIN%20NAME , Just Replace Those..., Adverting-SITE-NAME-HERE as plenty of fish, CPCorCOMorCPA as ur adv model, TARGETING%20KEYWORD - as ur keyword

    More Examples:-
    urllinkhere.com?utm_source=newsletterdate&utm_medium=productimage &utm_campaign=product

    urllinkhere.com?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=320banner &utm_campaign=bpp

    urllinkhere.com?utm_source=yoursite&utm_medium=postfooter&utm_cam paign=product

    urllinkhere.com?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=profile&utm_campaig n=website

    Then finally u Can Got The Results Like Below on Your Analytics..

    More Source @ https://blog.kissmetrics.com/how-to-use-utm-parameters/
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