Is any good?

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Has anyone had good results with - I've heard so many mixed reviews about it. Let me know.

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    Well it really depends on what you are promoting and which websites you choose to have your ad show on. I personally have had great success with, but there have also been times I lost a lot of money.

    Most people make the mistake of placing their ads on the big news media websites, which gets a ton of traffic, but it's not the most targeted traffic. So whatever it is you are promoting, you have to choose a category and publisher's website that's closest related to your offer. Start your ppc bids low and gradually increase as needed.

    It's all about testing. When you find a profitable campaign, you start another or move to the next traffic source.

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    A smart man knows his limits. A wise man knows he has none.


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    Originally Posted by stv105 View Post


    Has anyone had good results with - I've heard so many mixed reviews about it. Let me know.

    Do you know which niche(s) you are planning on promoting? What is your experience with this type of traffic? It can be hit or miss..
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    if you have set up some budget to test things out, test it out otherwise I'd stick with the standard ones..
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    Actually it depends on your products & services. You have to choose right category to publish. If you choose wrong catagory of your product then they show a bad result. So it important to select right catagory.
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    Surely It Is The Well Known Established Network, Are You looking For To Use As Publisher Or Advertiser?? If You Wanna Become Advertiser, Then It Will Be Surely Worh With Great ROI...
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    My experience with them is terrible. Pop-under ads are too annoying (I have many complaints from my scForum members). In-line ads isn't relevant, doesn't even show up for many countries traffic (Infolinks is much better).

    I left them after 10 days.
    "Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger."
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