Retargeting + PPV = High ROI? The Plan & Questions

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I recently was put on to retargeting.

If you DON"T know what retargeting is, it is this:

If you didn't exactly get what the means, a visitor visits your website and then they leave without opting in or purchasing your product, then they go to Facebook or CNN or any other of the millions of websites out there and they see your banner ad that says "Hey Come back to our site, we miss you" or whatever you want it to display.

The benefit: On Average re-targeting banner ads have a x10 better CTR than other banner ads, they also receive higher conversions on the sales pages. It is a great way to bring back and convert lost visitors.

My Plan: I don't have a website that gets a constant flow of visitors on a daily and monthly basis (Like many of you) so I will be using PPV to get a cheap constant flow of visitors so they come to my website and then I can have a tracking code placed on their computer so I can "follow" them around with my banner ads after they leave my landing page.

PLAN #1: Create a PPV campaign for a CPA free trial offer and drive cheap visitors to my landing page that has the tracking pixel. Then the visitors leaves and I have my banner ads that brings them straight to the CPA free trial offer page.

Costs: $50 to bring 1,000 visitors to landing page (0.05 per visitor).
$2 CPM. I show my banner ad to the people that left 10 impressions per visitor per day for 5 days. For a total of 50,000 impressions at a cost of $100

Total cost: $150

I direct link the CPA free trial offer from the banner ad and the offer converts at 3% at $30 payout. the banner CTR is 1% for total visitors to the CPA offer= 500 visitors

Total revenue: 15 conversionsx$30= $450-$150 (cost) = $300 profit.

================================================== ==============

PLAN #2: [This is just an example]

Target with my PPV pop ups, a website like and then use my PPV pop ups specifically for that website and then that visitor is tracked by me and I can use banner ads to say something like, "Come back to Truthaboutabs" and then I direct link back to that website but with my affiliate offer from truthaboutabs, so then it is really targeted and I can direct link with no problem.

This seems to be my best option but could lack a plethora of visotrs due to me only targeting one URl

================================================== ==============

Problems: In my campaigns if you read above, I would be direct linking the sales page offers or CPA free trial offers (REQ. credit card) from the banner ads, and of course, I know this is a no no and you almost always use a landing page to pre-sell,

I just didn't know, in this case, since I would be targeting people that came to a weight loss site (for example) then my PPV ad pops up and tracks them when they go to another site and then I try to get them to fill out a free trial offer by my banner ad.

Quite honestly I am just looking for people who have tried this method or know about retargeting and could help me with some answers, thanks!
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    Sounds like you've put some thought into it for sure. Your best is to just test it out and see what kind of success you have and scale it if you manage to find some. You can always go back and tweak things.

    I think like you mentioned though, having a lander to pre-sell would definitely be beneficial.
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    I have been always tempted to start doing retargeting, this just gave me that much needed kick in the butt!
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    Where can one buy re-targeting without $500 deposit?

    Guys With Brains Work for Guys With Balls. Guys With Balls Work for Luck.

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    This is interesting. I'll give it a try with my PPV campaigns. Thanks
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    Adroll is best for beginners. Also try and Facebook retargeting.
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      Originally Posted by brentb View Post

      Adroll is best for beginners. Also try and Facebook retargeting.
      How AdRoll can be best for beginners, when their T&C prohibit Affiliates?

      Guys With Brains Work for Guys With Balls. Guys With Balls Work for Luck.

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    adroll and perfect audience are the best around,
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      Originally Posted by AndreaThomas View Post

      adroll and perfect audience are the best around,
      Bad advice. Adroll and perfect audience do not accept affiliates, lead gens, or sales pages.

      Your only options are Adwords and Facebook retargeting.
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        Hmm didn't know you couldn't use perfect audience with affiliate marketing, I got accepted some time ago and looks like they didn't had a problem with my website.

        I send people to my website which offers value in the form of comparison charts and information but people can click on it (using my affiliate links) they didn't mind.
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    Your plans are all good. The only problem is that your numbers seem way off. For instance I don't see your trial offer converting at 3%. Especially if you are direct linking. I would be wrong though.

    That being said, the only way you can know for sure is to test it.
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    I thought about this myself recently havent tried it yet
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    Facebook has a really good retargeting system. You can create a retargeting campaign with as few as 20 people in your audience so you don't have to have a huge budget.

    Also, instead of leading directly to your offer, I would go to an opt-in page to capture their info. Why not build a list and then send them to your offer?
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    Retargeting is very good but it's not very effective until you have alot of traffic going to your website. That's when you will really see results and be able to have enough data to track.
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    SITESCOUT Is Good Place and is $500 deposit.
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    Bluagile also have a good traffic volume for retargeting for a small to medium budget.
    My friend currently runs his campaign thru their DSP.
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    Okay, i would like to write my experience here.

    For people who said Adroll works best, no way!

    Adroll has very strict policies and they will never accept landing pages, and also, you should be using only one domain to collect your re targeting audiences and also use the same domain for your remarketing campaign. You cannot use different domain names in Adroll.

    When it comes to Sitescout, Sitescout does not have good reach. So, your ads will show up mostly in gaming sites because of the ad exchanges it has. For example: If you build your remarketing list using PPV from, and running a retargeting campaign in Sitescout, you will be getting most impressions from Zedo ad exchange which are from Gaming sites which never converts.

    You can use Google adwords as it has very good reach. But, your landing page should comply with their TOS.
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