Sick of google ads!!!! What else can i use

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Hello warrior fans.

Now i had it with google ads, iv had it with there TOS, so i have high traffic website that i need to find a good company to use.

google accepted me me with my content then when it went viral they banned me for using youtube videos in my articles.

does anyone have any ideas or can suggest some good sites that pay near the same amount on keywords etc/

i just want to move to a new revenue company if not better than google ads!

thank you people
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    Unfortunately there is had to find another traffic source that will bring you so much traffic, that is also very quality. After Adwords I always suggest to try Bing Ads and after try some other sources such as Facebook, Email Marketing and PPV.

    Hope that helps.
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    Are you looking to buy or sell traffic? (Were you using Adwords or Adsense)
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    if you are looking to run your ads, FB is the next best thing, can try bing ads too!
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    If you want more traffic then you should use Adwords or Adsense. But if you do not want to use them then you should hire a freelancer. They can gather traffic more.
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    Put more emphasis on email marketing or Facebook.
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    Bing ads
    PPV (LEad impact, Traffic Vance)
    medi Buying (
    many many more...

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    Facebook Ads, BingAds should be your next stop if you are looking for quality but by the sound of your post it looks like you are asking for adnetwork to monetize your website.
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