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Dear All,

I am reading WF for a long time but took only very few actions. So I determined to give a try while doing my usual day job also.

I have a plan but I need to ask few questions from you guys.

But before ask any help from the forum I thought to contribute something by myself for the good will.

Only success I achieved in IM is, I got an approved adsence account. I tried so hard to get this so I can let you know some myths roaming around about getting an approved adsence account.

Followings are the myths which I understood.

1) You need more than 50 article to get approved
I am confident to say that I had only 19 article posted when I get approved by adsence. But those articles are 100% unique and well written.
What I did was split my university project in to 19 articles and posted by daily on my blog. There were no any grammar errors since my university supervisor had them corrected.

2) 6 months waiting period
I applied for adsence before the second month of my blog and get approved within 3 days. You should know that I am from the one of the Asian country that is listed under this 6 month waiting period.

3) Traffic
I read so many people telling you that you need lot of visitors in your blog in order to get approved by adsence. But believe me I didn’t have any single visitor other than me when get approved by adsence.

4) SEO
When I get approved by adsence I didn’t have implemented any SEO for my blog. I had only 2 backlink but those are also non follow backlinks.

5) Contact us page
I didn’t have contact us page. But I had a privacy policy and top level domain.

I strongly believe the key to get an approved adsence account is unique and quality contents on your blog. That’s all.

Finally apologize for my bad English.
#adsence #myths
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    Why I couldn't see my thread in the forum???
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    I agree with you. The myths are called myths for a reason.Quality matters.
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    Quality content is always going to win out in the long run.

    The rest of those are just myths. Although having a "Contact Us" page is never a bad idea. You want to make sure you are easy to contact. never know what you will possibly miss out on without it.
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    with adsense, as long as you are focused towards overall visitor experience, you will do just fine, make them the center of your attention..
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