Any Low CPL Offers in the Dating Advice Niche?

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Hello all,

Obviously I'm searching on offervault and Google and such, but I am wondering if anyone knows any CPL offers in the dating advice niche I could promote?

Ideally, I am looking some with a payout of $.25 - $1.00 that pays on email submit.

Just to sign up for a newsletter or get a free ebook.

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    Why do you want a low cpl? Why not a high paying?
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      Originally Posted by brentb View Post

      Why do you want a low cpl? Why not a high paying?
      Because I would imagine they are:

      1. Usually easy to qualify for
      2. Usually very broad and can be marketed almost anywhere
      3. Only need a free sig up, no credit card.

      IMHO go for a good paying $4+ offer.
      Sex sells.
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    I personally only have seen standard sign up offers for dating CPL so far, if you find email sub offer, let us know
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    You should try
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    I don't think I have ever seen such a CPL offer but you can check Crack Revenue inventory of related offers.
    You can save upto 75% on this awesome deal, so hurry up and GRAB it before the price hike.
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      I will check them out. Thank you for the replies.

      As for why I am looking for a low payout one (ideally just something that pays for filling an email address)

      Is simply because I want to set that page up as my THANK YOU Page for opting in to MY NEWSLETTER.

      Apparently, it is a very good way to monetize traffic right after the opti-in.

      Thank you very much.
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