What is your oppinion about pay per download websites ?

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As i am new i am not gonna specify any website or link so noone has to think i am trying to promote something. This is just a simple talking about something that many of us try these days.

I am new here so i thought to start a thread about a sensible subject "for some of us".
Everyone tries to make money online but verry few of us really succeed.
What do you think about pay per download websites ? do they really pay ? are they trustful? are they better than CPA ?
Is anything you would reccomand to use ?
Is CPA better ? or you would recommand anything else ?

Thank you.
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    no, examine, just be you build a blog, get loved and go from their, we cant fool Google common

    "Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache" (Mae West)

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    most of the paid traffic I know wouldn't support those type of offers, but there are people making killing with those offers too!
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    I never success with PPD site
    But make better with CPA offers
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      I use PPD for low quality traffic.

      ie. User wants to get my free guide. Well I scan their computer and IP and check it against my big list of junk domains, ips, browser configs etc. If they are junk, I tell them to complete the PPD offer to get the guide. If they are quality, I ask for their email address.
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        PPD is not the way to go.
        Traffic is often very low quality.

        The way it works is company (PPD Network) gets incentive offers from CPA Networks such as mine.

        They then broker through a content locker forcing users to complete a survey or email submit.

        The issue is advertisers know the quality of incent traffic. Payouts will never be high unless it requires a CC submission.

        If you want to start your IM career just join a CPA network and learn paid advertising.
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    PPD can be quite profitable but you have to be weary choosing the network..
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  • CPA is better than PPD. Its my experience.
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    Just going to answer one of the questions which was the main topic posted as the title of this thread - that being about downloads.

    Yes they do work and they do pay you BUT and this is a big one.

    Most of the downloads are very crappy and have malware in them - even if not harmful still very annoying to the user on the other end who trusted you in the first place to download the item.

    In my humble option this is not a very sustainable business model - though for a quick buck it would work (as you piss a lot of people off that then have to go ahead and clear their computers which is pretty much a waste of their time).

    Hope that helps!
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    PPD use to make a killing, but as with many other techniques in marketing; it's time has passed. CPA is your best bet right now!

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      All I can say is when I find one of these PTD pages, I am gone in the blink of an eye and lose all interest in the creep that sent me there. I can't see how that can foster a budding relationship, which is what I look for.
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    PPD preys on the unsuspecting and isn't a good way to do business.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    I hate pay per download, both as a marketer and as a consumer. Anything that is potentially harmful to my PC I try to stay away from as most of these programs either just clog up disk-space, slow my PC down, eat valuable memory or might infect it in some way.

    The only efficient way to make it work is usually by auto-downloading, content-locking or packaging it as part of a software bundle the user has to download and install.

    So in my opinion it just causes too much of a headache and I'd therefore pick CPA/Lead Generation any day of the week. Much simpler and just less of a hassle.

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  • pay per download model is not so much populor in affiliate industry. If you have good quality of traffic go for CPA otherwise CPM & sign up model also very good where you get paid for each sign up.

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    I'd say CPA is way better but I don't have personal experience with ppd sites..
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    it's not workable in today internet industry because cpc traffic price always high.................cpc traffic so expensive ...........................so i am believing in organic traffic.freecharge coupons code
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