New ideas of CPA for someone who is starting with the cpa

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Hi all!

What things are
working right now?facebook?twitter?instagram? Vine?etc.

Could you give me some recent guidance to this, cuz I'm starting whit this of CPA and I'm eager to see my first income...

Nothing more than that to start.

I will Apreciate it!
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    Ive been using instagram. You can go on and get a bot made so that it can get you lots of followers by automatically commenting on their pictures. Make sure you have your cpa link in your bio though so that your new followers will check your link out. Works great
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    Youtube is where I started with CPA. If you don't have the budget to buy traffic, it's a good place to start.
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    Just keep reading on these forums, there are tons of info on making money. Once you pick on then research it more then start trying it and ask questions
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    I agree with Chris, start reading around the forum and the web about all these different avenues you could take with traffic, any one of those you listed work and there are people making a living from each but you need to find and pick one that works best for you then master it, jumping around from YT to insta to vine will get you nowhere.
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    I have started with YouTube as well and then added on to Facebook and Twitter to it as well - however one thing about free traffic sources is that they are scattered.

    Most if not all CPA offers are looking for people from specific countries - this means you would lose out on potential leads and money if you don't GEO target your offers correctly!

    Make sure you do that.
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    I started with Adwords first and then created Bing campaigns as well. That way you are sure that you bring the highest quality traffic to your website and can check if the products converts well or not.
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    I make good money with CPA and you can copy my method
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    Are you wanting CPA Ntworks?


    Hmm struggling to think of more right now (I'm tired in my defense ha)

    But everything mentioned above is awesome advice.
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    go with youtube, instagram and pinterest are really good places to start with too..
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  • Do more research you will get more information. More research = More ideas.
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    Pinterest is a goldmine for dating. Definitely check it out.
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    Adwords is how I started out in CPA and is still my #1 traffic source. Quality is good and you can never go wrong. Clicks might be expensive but if you pick the right offers, you can still crank out a solid ROI. Second choice is BING with a bit of Facebook mixed in.

    In terms of products, I only really stick to CPA offers that pay per lead (i.e. name, phone number, address, email, etc) and don't require the use of a credit card to trigger the commission. These are much easier to convert.

    I would gain some experience first with a few low-end zip submits to reduce your risk, just to get your feet wet. There's usually loads to choose from at pretty much any network so you have plenty of choices available to you.

    Payouts on these will generally range around $1-2 dollars so quite conservative and still easy to manage without losing your shirt no matter what, but excellent to get more experience under your belt.

    Then you can move to the more high-end products but you do need to have some kind of experience before you dive into the more competitive CPA markets.

    You really don't want to jump straight into the CPA shark-tank before you know how to swim, so to speak

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    For anyone that is using Instagram, how are you putting your links on your bio and still be able roam around. I mean I've tried putting my affiliate link on my bio and within mintues Instagram tells me there is a issue and have to change it so if anyone here can help me out.
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    If you don't have a budget, video marketing is a nice way to get started. It's not as fancy as some of the "super new methods", but it's effective and can help you make a budget for paid advertising.
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