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Just my 2 cents. Ive spent about $350 dollars in ad revenue, gone through about 450 ad images, and my highest CTR is about .15% (on 4 ads)...ive recouped about 40 dollars in conversions. but this traffic just plain stinks in comparison to CPV traffic. Much higher CTR, much higher conversion rate...easy to make it profitable. Ive found that POF traffic just flat out stinks.

how are people making money with this? I know 350 dollars isnt a huge test budget...but youd think that it would be enough to succeed in at least making back 50% of your ad spend.
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    I personaly believe that PoF rocks.

    I understand your frustration, but I don't think that a traffic source with millions of advertisers spending thousands of dollars every day sucks because you had a bad experience there after spending a few hundred dollars.

    It seems that you have good skills with PPV, but PoF has a different type of traffic and you should set up campaigns there in a different way.

    So, I believe that the problem is the way you've been setting up campaigns there. The traffic is good and converts not only for me, but for many marketers, so this is just a matter of understanding the platform and approaching it properly.
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    POF is much different than CPV, it sounds like you're taking what you know about CPV and trying to apply it to POF, which won't fully work..

    Why not share more details on what you did and we can help give you some ideas?

    the POF ads blog is also a good source of information to learn how to use POF to your advantage (Ads.pof.com Blog | Your #1 Resource for Advertising on POF!)
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    I think your testing was diversified more than enough and that's why now you are claiming that POF sucks, I would suggest start small not only with the budget but also with the ads, in the mean time try improving your submissions and then see what happens.
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    What type of offers were you promoting on POF?

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    POF is pretty bada** traffic source IMHO, you should try harder just like others said..
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    Yeah it's always going to be a hit or miss with the offer you're promoting. Understanding it's a dating site your niche has to be somewhat relevant. Haven't had too much success with it either.

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