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by Lutz80
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Ji I was wondering If you have to have a site set up to get into CPA networks? I have heard mixed things about this.
I am have been doing IM for awhile buy never have tried the CPA method and I really want to try it out.
Is it harder easier or basically the same just better offers for potential customers?

One last thing is a CPA site set up different than a regular Affiliate site. I currently use review sites and conduit method sites. Would it be much different?

Thanks I appreciate your time. Also I am looking for a the best CPA guide available for getting the ropes of CPA . Also I do mainly seo backlinks and bum marketing now with a tiny bit of PPC every now and then Can I use the same methods ?

Once again Thanks and appreciate anyone willing to take the time to share there thoughts and answers to my questions.
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    Having a site will greatly help you with getting approved by CPA networks. Usually they ask you for your trafic methods, and if you have a site with traffic it is easier to prove that your are going to be a good affiliate.

    As for CPA sites desiign - I think you always can put a few CPA banners on your existing sites, without a need to create a special "made for CPA" site.
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    Hi Lutz,

    For most networks, a nicely designed review site would be absolutely fine for getting accepted. As long as you are using WH methods of getting traffic (ppc, article marketing, seo) you should be fine getting accepted.

    The best way to almost guarentee acceptance into a network is to follow up your application with a phone call - it will work wonders for their perception of you and 99% of networks will approve you there and then.

    Good luck!
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    If you want to get accepted, get a website with a domain name. Specify that you get 50000-100000 hits per month and say that you use PPC with a daily budget of at least $200-500/day to send massive traffic to your sites and offers. Give your AIM name and tell them to contact you. Also tell them that you have been doing CPA for more than 1 year and that you have had a lot of success with other CPA networks like (name a few). If they see that you know your stuff and that you will use PPC and a big budget to drive traffic they will accept you. THis is how I got accepted recently.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

    BTW. YOu can get some good marketing tecniques in some of the great ebook courses that I am giving away for free in my sig.
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    I don't think having a site is an absolute necessity for getting accepted to CPA networks. Just give them a call soon after you fill out your application and you will probably get accepted. I don't have a website and I got accepted to I signed up for Don and Jeremy's CPA marketers bootcamp, and then when I applied to I gave them the address to Don and Jeremys site. Then I called them and told them I was just starting out and I was learning from Don and Jeremy's CPA bootcamp, and they approved me!

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