what ROI expect from cpa ?

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Hi every one
i need to have an idea on how mush could be the average ROI with promoting cpa offers.
and how mush time cpa networks take to send you your payout.
Thanks in advance.
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    There is no concrete answer to this. Every CPA network is different, and ROI is entirely dependent on your individual effort and how you promote the offers.

    There are many factors, including how well your offer converts, the quality of traffic you're getting, whether you're following the TOS or spamming/using fraudulent measures, your perceived credibility, etc.

    You control your ROI.
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      I think there are two ways of approaching CPA (with paid ads):

      One is to make campaigns around trends/news/small niches and attempt to get a very high temporary ROI from time/audience-limited campaigns.

      The other is two send high volume of general traffic to mass-appeal landers and attempt to make a smaller ROI but at a more consistent rate.

      The second way can make you an unlimited amount of money if you're clever about how you scale. The first is limited by how many campaigns you can make based on trends (hard to outsource) but the money comes faster if you're creative.

      Either way, you have to have money you can risk before you'll see any ROI, and your earnings will be very unstable when you start. Most serious CPA networks will start you on monthly payments.
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    I've just posted on another tread asking the same question. ROI is something that depend on too many factors and no one can give you an accurate answer. Your personal approach is also very much involved.
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    ROI will depend upon a lot things. Like:
    - Offers conversion rate
    - Your Angle
    - Traffic Source
    - Targeting and Denographics
    - Even CPA networks

    Usually, high ROI comes at the cost of volume and vice-versa
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