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Simon Walton 27th July 2017 02:53 PM

Super HOT Niche- Sciatica & Back Pain, 74% Commission
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Hey Warriors,

Hot New Sciatica, Back Pain, Shoulder, Knee, Hips, in Fact, Any Body Pain Solution.


Do a keyword search for Lower Back Pain, Sciatica or Shoulder Pain and you'll get over 3 million hits alone for USA, Canada, UK, NZ and Oz alone.
Add to this searches for Yoga and you'll create a whole new niche to get leads from.

Easy to follow, yet highly effective exercises that help cure the pain and increase flexibility and mobility.
Which makes people feel younger, more energetic, stable on their feet and an all around sense of well being and feeling younger.
There are MILLIONS of people out there that NEED this course.


The best part about the promoting and selling this course is you are helping people from living a life of crippling pain and saving them from future UNNECESSARY OPERATIONS.

On top of that I am offering for a limited time 74% commission for spreading the good word.

  • As the product sales grow - I will be reinvesting in upgrading the sales page
  • Adding new bonus material
  • Adding an UPSELL product to increase our profits and income.

Below is the common problem I want to change:
We all know a friend or family member who has had a bad back at some time or another which doctors treat with pain-killers-
more injury- more drugs- and on til the dreaded slipped or bulging disc that leads to epidurals
The pain is still masked and they end up with a herniated disc
Then no other option than to have surgery and in some cases end up with either a metal rod in their spine or “best” (worst) case scenario they have 2 or 3 discs joined together by the doctors.

I was at the peak of physical fitness a few years back when floored by a bout of sciatica.
I have 30 years n the world of physical education- starting in the elite British Airborne, then 20 plus years in yoga, breathing & Pranayama, anatomy, nutrition studies.
I drew on this training and devised a simple to follow and highly effective system to release the tension that causes our bodies to have a poor posture that leads to nerve impingement and pain.
I am now 52 and COMPLETELY CURED of all my old injuries, this method works- I am living proof - visit the site and see thr TRUE Testimonials

Just a few minutes each week will help people change their bodies beyond belief, cure the pain and increase their flexibility off the charts!
As it has for me, my family, friends and now all those I have taught and shared this method with.
My oldest clients are both 102!

So I happily invite you to come on board and promote this course that will help impact people’s lives in a positive way.
Saving them from a path of pain- then meds- then more pain- more meds- agonising pain- even stronger drugs then ultimately operations when we could have saved them for this madness.
Any questions please contact me here info@freedomthroughflexibility.com

Looking forward to doing some good together and make this one of the best selling courses on Clickbank
Simon James Walton the founder of Freedom Through Flexibility Click Freedom Through Flexibility | Just another WordPress site

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