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[HOT] Nuclear Link Indexer-Mass Link Indexing Service- 50% Comm
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"Get The Missing Key To Fast Ranking
And Complete Domination Of
Highly Competitive Keywords"

How To Instantly Increase Your Ranking Without Adding More Backlinks and Save Tons of Money?

Breaking News: We have double the index rate over the week, now we can reach 60%+ index rate in just 4 days, see the case study here: Nuclear Link Indexer Review & Case Study

Have you been building tons of backlinks and only see a very slight increase in ranking? What if I told you that you can easily increase your website's keywords ranking without adding more backlinks, won't that be great? All you need is link Indexing...

What is the first and most important thing for a website? It is TRAFFIC!... and you can't get targeted traffic without good ranking for your keywords, and all that comes from link building! If you already spending tons of money building backlinks, you must read this... or you are putting a lot of money on the table.

Before we discuss further, let's see what you might be doing to rank your site:
  • Profile Links
  • Article Network
  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Link
  • Commenting
  • Web 2.0 Property
  • Web Template
  • Press Release
  • Software Directory
  • Web Directory

With all these backlinks, you can easily rank your website for any keywords you want, isn't that right? WRONG!

If you have been doing this long enough, you'll notice start from 2009, most of them don't work! As the competition rises, Google starts to filter low quality backlinks, and they don't count every backlinks anymore... Many artificial created links are being filtered, and money is going down the drain!

I can feel your frustration, and I have the answer you're looking for. OK, don't get me wrong here, these are valuable backlink resources, they still work if you know how to get them recognize by Google. Nowadays, only backlinks that recognized by Google will be counted, and you need Google to count them!

There are two levels of recognition from Google:
  1. Link Crawled - When you submit your link to ping server, Google will crawl your backlink. This is the first level of recognition, and it passes link juice to your page.
  2. Link Indexing & Cached - Only valuable pages will be included into Google's index, and when Google thinks that your link is valuable, it will index and store in their database, hence give more credit and link juice to the page.

In our own testing, pinging all the backlinks is the first and most important step in link building. However, we don't stop there, getting all those backlinks into Google's index will greatly boost our ranking.

One of our core businesses is building backlinks for our corporate clients; We are creating 10,000 forum profile backlinks for my client every day, and we need effective ways to get those profile links indexed. After 3 months of research, we have found some effective ways to index mass volume of links. We have developed a system that is capable of indexing 30,000,000 of links every month.

Introducing: Nuclear Link Indexer - Backlink Indexing Service

Nuclear Link Indexer will make your every penny count. It doesn't matter how much you spend on creating those backlinks, if you don't get them indexed, you are wasting a lot of money. I have seen my ranking continue to climb after completed my backlink campaign, all because of continuous backlinks indexing! You'll be surprised how much easier you can rank with proper link indexing!

You don't need to install link any backlink indexing tool or script, we will do all the work for you! Just sign up and start indexing your backlinks today, see your ranking rise in days...!

Before you begin, here are some tips for fast link indexing, and it is all about QUALITY of your backlinks, and backlinks with these conditions will be indexed a lot faster:

Quality Backlinks

  1. Unique Content - The backlink page contains unique content, or at least spin content.
  2. High PR Domain - Backlink from PR2 and above domain are much easier to index, and it gets faster when your backlinks from higher PR domain.
  3. Maximum 3 Backlinks In A Page - The index rate will decrease when more backlinks are squeezed into a page.
  4. Backlink with Good Backlinks - Almost guaranteed to be indexed instantly! Google is looking for quality backlinks to be included into their system, backlink with backlinks indicates these are good backlinks.
  5. In-context Anchor Link - Anchor link must be insert between the words, not before and not after.
  6. Vary Keywords - Varying Keywords in your anchor link will help your backlinks getting indexed.
  7. Avoid Direct Linking - We find that direct linking doesn't work as well as before, it seems like direct linking page with no unique content are very hard to get index.

We have a success index rate of 70% ~ 95% in a month when all of our backlinks fall in one or more of these conditions!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee to provide at least 50% index rate for all kinds of backlinks that meet our condition, and our system will continue to index your links until it reaches 50%. If you are not satisfied with our service in 60 days, we will provide a full refund without question, the only condition is your backlinks must have a domain of PR1 and above, we can't guarantee domain PR N/A & PR 0 sites to be index.

Note 1: It takes at least 30 days to justify the effect, and we will refund the money only after 30 days from the date of subscription.

Note 2: For low quality backlinks, even if we successfully index them, your backlinks may still be removed by the webmaster or Google, so we urge you to manage your backlinks carefully, don't simply just blast them, invest a bit of time to manage your compaign. (see the quality backlinks section).

Note 3: For profile & bookmarking backlinks with direct linking or without unique content (or at least spin content) are tends to take longer for indexing, it may take up to 60 days to reach 50% index rate.

Fully Leverage Your Backlink Resources Today !

Here is what I'm offering in this service:

This is a mass backlinks indexing service, once you've joined, send as much backlinks as you can into the system and watch it process them automatically throughout the whole month. We process up to 100,000 URLs / account every month, and if we don't meet the guarantee terms, we will refund every penny to you while providing this service! Plus you can cancel anytime!

Start indexing your backlinks today, make every penny you spend count, and watch your ranking rise! Wish you a happy link indexing experience with Nuclear Link Indexer!

Yes, I am offering 50% commissions!!

>> Click Here TO Visit Affiliate Page Here! <<

Kok Choon

Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer
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