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DURABLEOILCOM 26th December 2012 08:43 PM

Earn Unlimited $$$ Unlimited Growth
Business Name: Durable Oil
Product Name: AMSOIL, Racing Oil, Diesel Oil, Motorcycle Oil, Power Sports Oil, Gear Lubes, Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic Oil, Compressor Oil, Grease, AGGRAND(Farm/Garden), Filters, By-Pass, Fuel Additives, Maintenance, Altrum(Supplements), Wix Filters, Donaldson Filtration
Product Description: 100% Synthetic Oil
Product Price: $85.00+ per Change
Affiliate Commission Percentage: 25% - Lifetime Customers
URL For Affiliate To Sign Up: AMSOIL Dealership


Number 1 Rule of Good business is adding quality/value to peoples life. In this opportunity you will have the chance to add enrichment/quality/value to all your customers. If you can provide this level of improvement to all your customers lives not only will you be building your business successfully, you will become an enriched member of society. AMSOIL developed the first synthetic motor oil, and today that segment is the fastest growing in the industry. The absolute best in the world http://www.amsoil.com/lit/g3115.pdf


Once you become a Dealer I will provide you with 1 Unique & Extensive Webpage for various products. That means you will not have to pay for (AGAIN YOU WILL NOT PAY A SINGLE CENT) for domain names, hosting, webmaster, graphic designers, subscription, or monthly membership. You will have 1 Completely optimized state of the art webpage for various products.

Custom State of the Art Fully Optimized website you will get:


1 Unique & Extensive Optimized State of the Art Webpage for various products(FREE with dealership)
Free 1on1 Mentoring/Teaching/Coaching for Success!
Proven Premium Products
Reliable Company with a 40 Year History
Full-time income or Secondary
Versatile home-based business opportunity that can be customized to your strengths and passions
Expert Techinical support
Minimal Investment
No cap on income level
Excellent tax benefits
Flexible schedule — you are your own boss!
In-depth, personal training and guidance
Marketing support and advertising co-op programs
No quotas to fill
No territory restrictions
No inventory requirements
No administrative headaches or employee expenses
No capital investment in office or warehouse space – work from home
Bonuses and performance incentives

Must Live in USA or Canada & be 18+ to be a Dealer.


Join Now Click Here —> https://www.amsoil.com/lander/join/?zo=1692866

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