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blueactiva 18th January 2013 04:52 AM

Marketers Needed to Promote a Really Unique, Very Solid and Evergreen Membership Program

My name is Fabrizio, i am a psychologist and internet marketer and i created a 3 months membership program to acquire a winning mindset to create a business online. I am now looking for help to market it.

We know that there are hundreds/thousands of programs and products about marketing to create a business online. Still few people that buy these products actually create a successful business and that's because what is missing is the right mindset.

That's why i decided to create a training program that uses the most powerful self help technique (and estimated 6 millions that uses it in the world) to give the prospects the mental power to reach their money goal online.

It is a really unique program that fulfils a critical need of people that want to start an home business or take it to the next level. And this need is not satisfied by the market (it means there is no competition). It's also very solid, i worked 4 and half months full time to create the program putting in it my professional knowledge. Furthermore it's an evergreen product, not the classic marketing program that will be obsolete in a few months or years.

What do i have to put on the table?
* 50% recurring commission for a 3 months membership program ($67 per month) that fulfils a critical need of online marketers and that has no competition
* Lifetime cookies. My passion is product creation and i think i do it very well, so i want to concentrate on it and let do the marketing to whom is passionate about and do it very well.
* Video Squeeze and Video Sales Page
* Prospects receive a 10 days video mini course to acquire the right mindset to succeed online
* Prospects receive for 3 months follow up informational videos that are intended to promote the program (i send 2 informational videos per week )
* I offer to the partner this course that i created to send to the subscribers:
"Dealing with the Number One Killer of Home Business Success: The Fear of Failure" 7 Parts Video Series.
* banners ready to use

I am looking for good minded marketers that are interested to build a lasting business partnership. (other products will be developed in the future: mental trainings to acquire a millionaire mindset, to be empowered to improve sales and persuasion skills, to acquire leadership and charisma etc.)

Quality is important more than quantity so also motivated marketers that have small lists (or that they are determinated to promote the program) are welcome.

Just pm me to understand if we can start a profitable, rewarding and win win partnership. If you can't send pm, please post here what you do and a contact where i can reach you.

Have a great day!
UPDATE: as i was supposing, people are very interested in it; you can have a look at this post where i recruit reviewers:

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