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doriono 10th July 2013 02:09 PM

High Paid Financial Leads - PPC and SEO only
Lead Clearing House Affiliate Program

One of the top paying CPA networks.

Generating Financial Leads since 2004.

Apply online: www.lchap.com

Who we are

The Lead Clearing house is an lead generation business located in the UK. Even though affiliates can come from anywhere in the world, we collect leads from UK customers only. Why is our program different?

There is a very big difference between our network and other CPA networks. Instead of simply promoting an affiliate tracking link, affiliates get to build their own website for each product and must integrate the affiliate forms to them. These forms are directly linked to the affiliate database. Since affiliates are the owners of their own website, this allows them to generate Pay Per Click campaigns with Adwords and other big advertising networks. This gives our affiliates extreme leverage and allows them to highly profit from our program. Benefits of our Affiliate Network

  • Get access to High Payouts per Lead (Between 30£ to 98£)
  • Access to our In House web Templates
  • Form and phone numbers integration to collect leads (Form leads & Phone Leads)
  • Conversion rates for products are between 10% to 20%.
  • Make a ROI from 50% to 110%
  • You get the best support and contact from your account manager in all times
  • Payments are automated wire transfer and made monthly on the 25th
  • Get access to the complete Program Database to track your generated leads, create reports, set up your payment information and more…
  • Access to our in house school, training and support
We are always working to improve our affiliates experience and helping them by generating better to for them to generate more leads. Who can join?

Anyone who is interested to join can apply. Our membership is worldwide and contains people from all walks of life. Type of marketing strategy accepted

Since we strive for quality leads, the method of marketing is restricted to organic as most as possible. We found that Pay Per Click and SEO are the most reliable when is gets to generating good leads for our clients. Type of products to advertise

We have many products to advertise. Here is the list and the payouts commission attributed per lead to the affiliate:
  • Life insurance quotes applications –£31 per lead + 10% maximum rejections
  • Medical insurance quote applications – £27 per lead
  • Debt management quote application – £5-£35 per lead
  • Logbook Loans quote applications – £30 per lead
  • Secured loans quote application – £4 – £85 per lead
  • Unsecured loans quote application – £4 – £85 per lead
  • Income protection quote application – £15 per lead
Apply online: www.lchap.com

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