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Productivity is one of topics that fascinates me, I love to find and test new ways of improving my management and the way I work, during the last months Ive tried a lot of techniques and productivity tools, and I wanted to share some of that experience with you.
There are too many things to do, too few hours in the day, and way too many interruptions. The emails, the phone calls, the last minute changes all add up to a jammed packed day where you feel like you are running in circles, and not nearly enough gets accomplished.
I believe that the key is to find the right technique that will work for you, and things will get done.
1. Lists Are Key To Time Management

This sounds pretty basic, right? Lists are HUGE! Depending on what works for you and your business, you may need to make weekly and daily lists of things to accomplish. Here are some things you need to consider when making your lists:
  • What are your daily priorities?
  • What are your weekly goals?
  • What do you need to do this week or day to grow your business?
Here are some examples:
  • Close Deal With Client
  • Post to Social Media
  • Set Up Meeting With Potential Client
  • Write Blog Post
  • Eat Dinner With Family
You need to review these lists at the beginning or end of each day (or the end of the week) and see what you have and havent completed.
Personally, I make a to do list every morning and then I prioritize that list based on what has to be done first. Anything that doesnt get accomplished that day, gets moved to the next day and I start all over with the prioritization. I also love to check boxes! This gives me a huge sense of accomplishment when I get to check things off the list!
2. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule: The Cornerstone Of Time Management
As the saying goes, time is money. Your time is an investment in your business. You wouldnt open up the window and start throwing dollar bills out, right? Then you shouldnt throw away your time, either. Time is your most valuable business asset!
Scheduling is where you can break down your weekly and daily goals into actionable items and assign a time period to them during your day. For example:
  • Phone Calls
  • Meetings
  • Emails
Obviously, everyone is different. Some people are night owls, some people are morning birds (like myself), so this list is just for example purposes. What I want you to notice is how everything is in time blocks. You have a particular time for emails, phone calls, creative work, business development, etc. Most importantly you have time blocked off for yourself.
3. Effective Time Management Means Knowing You Wont Always Get Everything Done
You can get things done. You can land that big client. You can increase your net profit. What you need to realize is things happen. That meeting ran late, traffic was horrible, or that business prospect isnt returning your calls. There is ALWAYS something. We finish one task, and another one pops up. Being self-employed is not for the faint of heart.
We need to accept the nature of life: its unpredictable, it works under chaos. It is the nature of the beast, but by making lists, following a schedule, and realizing there will be times where not everything gets done, you can a bring some order to your daily life.
The key, in my opinion, is in making that morning list and time blocking for specific tasks. Then, if things go sideways, as they always do, you can bump things forward into the next day or week.
See it isnt that hard, right? You can do it. Now lets get to making that schedule.
Lets discuss productivity, what other techniques or hack do you use for organizing your self?
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    I allways had problems with time management, thanks was a good article

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