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Just posting this here because I'm not sure where else. I recently had a relatively big money client ask me to add on to a bunch of work that I did. The add-ons would have been a reasonable request up front but are totally out of scope at this point and the project was completed and paid for quite a while ago. The issue is that they want to know where some of the facts were sourced from and I now have to go back through my browser history and through these articles and review everything that I've referenced for almost 8,000 words of articles!

I'm not opposed to doing the extra work but I thought maybe I could bill them for some minimum wage hours just for going back and taking the time to find all of the sources. That might be a reasonable compromise between my normal bill-able rate and the request that I do this for free - I guess it's my fault for not expanding my client base to the point where I can afford to risk losing them by making a fuss.

Would you try to push back a little bit and charge the client more? Or just take it on the chin and move on? Help!
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    I think it's essential that you have an attitude. I'm fully aware that freelancers, such as myself, have quite a notorious reputation as workers with no strong professional attitude. We are supposed to be all like "yes sir" with no courage to say "no." However, this is simply not true. I have seen guys in other professions that has nothing to do with freelancing without an attitude. I know that a client is a king, but it is also true that every kingdom has its limits. This is something that has to be clear from the moment one. If your client truly appreciates you then he or she will have nothing against the constructive criticism and a healthy business attitude.
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    We must learn to say no to our clients, they think that because we are Freelancers, they can push us to do a lot of heavy work for pennies, and we cant allow that.

    Learning how to develop good and sincere relationships with them is the key.
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