Writing a Feature Article - Your Ultimate Guide

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Writing a feature article as a difficult: fact or fiction? The answer: fiction. Feature articles are one of the easiest to compose in the types of technical write-ups. The format of feature article is similar to reporting: you give information while entertaining the people. It's similar to how you tell a friend about this amazing gadget, or incredible person or to a wonderful place. You just need to keep some factors in life to ensure a striking feature.

Here are a few guidelines:

First thing to consider in writing a feature article: to avoid procrastination (defined as the act of veering away the self's focus from writing by doing other things) make plans on how you'll write your article, and then proceed in making an outline out of it. It will also be of great help if you post the date of your deadline on your table to keep you reminded of your feature article.

Be reminded that research is important. It is a necessity in all types of writing. You cannot provide essential information in connection with your object of interest without the act of researching.

In the planning stage, a writer picks a theme. You should choose a theme or topic of your feature. There are actually a lot of things that one should consider in choosing a topic. As much as possible, make your topic new to the ears and eyes of your readers. It should be appealing and interesting at the same time.

When you face the blank sheet of white paper, don't be afraid to write with errors. That is why there is such a thing called draft; your draft will depict what you should consider for revision and what other information are not present in your feature article.

The next technique in writing a feature article is now connected with the stage of writing your article. Be sure to make your feature article more interesting by writing a catchy introduction. An eye-catching lead paragraph will invite readers to continue reading your write-up, enabling them to finish what you have written. It should set the mood for your work. Also remember that all of your paragraphs should be connected to each other. It is a necessity for not just feature articles but for all write ups to be in unified. Make an equally striking concluding paragraph that will make your write-up get trapped in the minds of your readers for hours, or even days.

And last but not the least, sleep or perhaps take a rest before revising an article. A fresh and clear mind and a body full of energy is more efficient in stating and correcting errors, thus, ensuring a feature article of high quality.

The above tips are the techniques that most feature article writers use to motivate themselves furthermore into writing. These are what they use in writing a feature article that is most favored by the readers. Make these your tools for motivation too so you can be as good as those writers who made their names in the world of feature write-ups.

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