Free Information Products Can Flood You With Sales

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Infopreneurs look at information products as something to create and sell. Smart infopreneurs who look at the bigger picture know that sometimes it makes more sense to give away information products as free gifts - to build a relationship with prospects that translates into future sales.

How can free information products create a future rush of product sales?

It boils down to looking at things from the point of view of a first-time visitor to your website. This person stumbles across your site, knowing nothing about you. If the very first action you ask visitors to take is to place trust in you and fork over cash so you can sell them an information product, most will turn and run!

But what if you first bend over to help them, show off your expertise and provide something of real value - without asking for anything in return? Well, maybe just one thing - a method to contact them and stay in touch.

Your Free Information Product

You offer a free information product in exchange for the visitor's email address, name and maybe mailing address. If the information product you promise to give them is valuable enough, and offers enough benefits to the prospect that they consider it a fair deal, you will get their contact details and send them your free gift.

Now, it doesn't end there. You now begin the process of wooing the new prospect who just took a chance and gave you a way to continue keeping in touch. And no, you don't launch into a full frontal attack through a high pressure sales pitch!

Your Follow Up Process

After a few days, you might write to the prospect and ask if they managed to download your free information product without any problem, and if they have read it already.

Another day or two later, you might follow up with a quick note pointing out something valuable or interesting in the information product, and ask if they already noticed it. This way, you are reinforcing the value you provide in your product, while encouraging the prospect to become a 'consumer' of your information.

You can do this a few more times, each contact establishing a trusting relationship, one that underlines the fact that you care more about them getting something from you rather than you wanting them to buy your ebook or other product.

Your Sales Pitch

Once you have established a line of contact that creates some trust - or at least eliminates fear of being rushed - you can introduce the product you are selling. Make sure to relate it to the free information product you gifted, and explain how it enhances the value they are already getting from the freebie.

If you make a convincing case for the extra value to be gained from buying your information product, and they are already getting an advantage from your free one, the resistance to selling is nearly eliminated - and you will be flooded with sales.

No, this will not happen overnight. It is a process with stages and you cannot rush people through it. The good news is that when it works, you will gain a loyal, trusting, happy customer who will gladly do business with you for many years to come.

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