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The second thing that I want you to focus on is the off page SEO that the search engines look at.This is the incoming links that point to your site. If you’ve been reading anything about marketing and search engine optimization, you know that back links are extremely important for a site’s Google Rankings. It’s how they determine the trust that other sites have in your content.
High Google Ranking

Think of it like getting votes from your peers. In this case, Google doesn’t just tally votes– it ranks those votes by how authoritative they are. If a site places a link to you but has only been online for three days, it is far less valuable than a link from a government website that has been online for 10 years.
In addition, the links to your site need to have anchor text that includes your keyword. For example, if someone places a link that says “click here” it is less valuable than a link that say “dog obedience training”. Google will not discount the first link, but someone with 10 links like thaw will not rank as highly as someone with 10 links with anchor text.
You cannot just get links to your home page. Many times, SEO efforts focus only on getting links directly to the base domain ( instead of focusing on the specific pages of that site. Why is this a problem? Because those other pages are targeted to the specific keywords your readers are searching for.
By not indexing them and getting specific backlinks, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get traffic to those sites. I like to make sure that every page on a site has at least three links to it when all is said and done. Yes, those index links are incredibly valuable, but the links to the specific pages on your site will really drive traffic.
With Google, finding the highest ranked sites with the most trust is actually fairly easy because Google gives us a Page Rank. While not necessarily indicative of anything outside overall trust and content quality, Page Rank shows you how well Google views a site. A website with a Page Rank of 7 is far more valuable than a site with a Page Rank of 1 or 0. Getting a link from the first would be like getting a recommendation from Mother Teresa instead of Joe the plumber. It’s also very easy to see what the Page Rank for each website is. You just need to install the Google Toolbar, available from Google in any region. Once you install the toolbar, you will see a small Page Rank on your browser for any page you open:
This Page Rank will display a number for every page on a site too, allowing you to determine how well each specific URL performs when trying to get your backlinks.
While Page Rank is incredibly useful for determining if a link is valuable to your site, don’t get obsessed by it. Yes, a Page Rank of 5 linking to your site is twenty times more valuable than a Page Rank of 1, but those Page Rank 1s are still useful and they are far more numerous. You want authority links, but don’t kill yourself looking for them.
There are a LOT of ways to build incoming links – far more than the three I’m about to show you, and as you develop in your marketing and become more advanced (with a larger budget to work with), you can and should start experimenting with them.
However, for now, I want to recommend just three simple traffic boosting strategies that I use for all my sites and that work extremely well for any site in any niche. A good site, with a solid keyword base will do amazingly well with just these three incoming link methods.
First up, there is article marketing. This is where you take an article you’ve written (or outsourced to someone else) and upload it to article directories. These sites will print your article for free in exchange for providing you a resource box at the bottom that links back to your site.
At first, this may seem like a lot of work for a single link, but consider the opportunities. Not only do you get a keyword specific back link from a major directory (some of these directories have Page Ranks of 6 or 7), but you get direct traffic from people clicking on those links.
Plus, other site owners can reprint your articles for free on their own websites. All they have to do is include the link at the bottom that goes to your site. So, you could end up with as many as 10-15 backlinks for a single article posted on an article directory.
A quick Google search will turn up hundreds of article directories, but the big three are
EzineArticles, GoArticles, and ArticleCity. If you submit articles to these three sites for each keyword, you will get a lot ofquality backlinks.
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