Article Marketing Tips: 5 Strategies for Crafting a Compelling Resource Box

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Article marketing has been around almost since the beginning when Al Gore first invented the Internet and it's still a powerful, free method for attracting targeted, traffic building relative backlinks and establishing yourself as an expert leader in your niche.

If we were to take a step back and deconstruct an article, examining each element and the roles they play in the process, the resource box stands out as an essential element in constructing an effective article. Often overlooked and misused, the resource box for some article writers seems to be the place where they can grab their 30 seconds of fame. Those who don't know better use this space to talk about themselves and how much they know about their topic. But the primary purpose of the resource box is to get the reader who has just read your article to take the next step and click on the link to your website. Every word in the resource box needs to be focused on enticing and encouraging your reader to click on your link.

Incorporate these five resource box strategies in your articles and watch your conversion rates increase:

Make the resource box another paragraph that flows seamlessly from the previous one. The resource box should not interrupt the flow of the article. When the resource box appears to be just a natural extension of the article, readers are more likely to just continue reading and then click rather than being stopped by a change in the flow of the article.

Use keywords as anchor text and include a full URL. Using an anchor text link (anchor text is a visible hyperlinked text) in addition to the full URL for your website will help boost your website's search engine rankings for those keywords. It also gives readers a clue about what they will find when they follow that link.

Invite readers to click on the link and tell them what they will gain by doing so. The copy in the resource box should invite readers to click on the link and then tell them what they will find or whether they will gain by clicking on the link. Offer the prospect of a free download or some other form of enticement that will make it worth it for them to go to the trouble of following your link from the article directory to your website. Here is where you let them know what's in it for them when they click on your link.

Use the power of curiosity to get them to click on the link. Curiosity is a powerful motivator. Offer a tease that will get readers to click on the link to discover the answer. Fill them with anticipation by a revealing just enough detail to get them to click on the link.

Create a sense of urgency. Another effective way to get readers to click through to your website is to create a sense of urgency. Explain that there is a limited time offer or a limited quantity of a bonus product available on your website.

Bonus tip: Always include a compelling call to action in your resource box. A great way to get even better results from your article marketing efforts is to automate them. Visit, today to find out the push button easy way to generate a ton of traffic and backlinks for your website now.
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