How to Quickly Install a WordPress Blog Using cPanel and Fantastico DeLuxe

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WordPress is powerful blogging software that has a ton of features, it is great for search engine optimization and this software is free, open source software that anyone can use as a platform for their blog. You might think that software as sophisticated as WordPress would be a pain to install. However, WordPress can either be installed by hand uploading all of the files yourself or you can use Fantastico DeLuxe and install WordPress with just one click. If your web host offers cPanel, which comes with Fantastico script installer, just log into your cPanel and navigate to the Fantastico blue smiling face icon in the software services pane.

While you're on the Fantastico main page, look to the left navigation panel and you will see a list of blog software. Click on WordPress. You will now see a screen with a short description of WordPress and the version you were getting ready to install. Click on 'New Installation.'

The next page is where you will designate where Fantastico will put all of your files for your blog. You'll be able to choose which folder you will have WordPress installed to.

1. Choose installation location. If your blog will be on your website's homepage, then you can leave this field blank. If you want your blog to be installed in a folder, type the name of that folder in the directory field. Make sure that this particular directory does not already exist, because WordPress during the installation process will create it.

2. Next, you'll choose your admin access data. Choose the username and password you plan to use for your blog in order to access the WordPress admin panel when you are going to update your blog after the installation is finished. The default username is admin, so be sure to change this and put in a username and a secure password.

3. Now, for the base configuration, type in a nickname that you will use on your blog. This name will appear as the author name whenever you leave comments or write blog posts. So choose something that you don't mind the whole world seeing.

4. The remaining fields are self-explanatory. When you have filled in all the fields, click on the 'Install WordPress' button. You will be presented with a new page that contains a summary of all the information that you provided. Take a look at it and make sure it's correct, and then click 'Finish Installation'. Fantastico will then create a new database for you and install all of your WordPress files.

This should only take a few seconds. When the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation page with all of the details of your new installation. You can type in an email address and a copy of that report will be emailed to you. You should hold on to that email, because it contains all of the necessary information about your blog installation.
That's it. You've just installed a WordPress blog with no fuss.

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