How to Quickly Install Zen Cart Using Fantastico DeLuxe

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Zen Cart is an open source, free shopping cart software solution. Zen Cart was designed and developed by a group of online shop owners who wanted to create a shopping cart design that would be efficient, simple to use, and meet all of their e-commerce needs. Since it was designed to be installed and used by anyone with basic web and computer skills, Zen Cart is both robust and quick and easy to setup and use.

Some of the Zen Cart features include an XHTML template system, unlimited extra pages, multiple ad banner controllers, and multiple shopping cart and payment options. Zen Cart also includes a newsletter manager so that you can stay in touch with your customers. It provides the option to offer discount coupons, gift certificates and you can feature certain products and offer quantity discounts.

In this article were going to take a look at how you can install Zen Cart on your website using the Fantastico DeLuxe script installer. The cool thing about using Fantastico to install your Zen Cart is that you don't need to go and create your databases by hand and then worry about uploading all of the Zen Cart files separately. So let's get started.

Before we talk about the details of installing this Zen Cart, let's look at the prerequisites that you must have in order to run Zen Cart on your website:

You must have PHP 4.3.2 or higher installed on your server, Apache 1.3 point X. or higher, and MySQL 3.2.X. or higher. This article talks about installing Zen Cart using Fantastico. So it is assumed that you have cPanel on your web hosting account.

1. Log into your cPanel and click on the blue smiling face Fantastico icon.

2. Choose the Zen Cart from the available list of e-commerce scripts on the left side of the screen.

3. You'll see a little description about the Zen Cart and then you also see the new installation link. Click on that link to install Zen Cart.

4. Next, you will choose which domain you want your Zen Cart to be installed on. You can install it in a subdomain, for example, ',' or, if you want the shopping cart to appear as the main page of your website, you can install it on,

5. Next, enter the name of the directory where you will be installing Zen Cart. For example, if you want Fantastico to install Zen Cart in a directory called shopping, type the word 'shopping' in this field. Leaving this field blank will install Zen Cart in your domain's root directory.

Under administrator username, enter a username for the administrator. Then enter a password that you will use to access the admin panel. Under a site name, give your shopping cart the name you want to be displayed in the browser's title bar. Under Admin email, you'll enter the email address of the shopping cart administrator. All of the email related to Zen Cart will be sent to this address. Also, if you should forget the admin password, this is the email address where the new password will be sent.

After you have filled in the fields, click on the 'Install Zen Cart' button.

6. The next page shows a summary of your Zen Cart configuration. Click on the 'Finish Installation' button to complete the installation process.

Once you have clicked the 'Finish Installation' button, all of the required files are copied to the target directory and Fantastico creates a new database with your username and password. Next, you'll see a screen that notifies you that you have installed Zen Cart successfully. You'll see a link to your shop catalog and the admin area on the screen.

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