How to Use Fantastico DeLuxe to Install Software on Your Website Quickly and Easily

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If you are someone who does not feel like they are very tech savvy, yet you want to be able to launch a website and create an online business, there are lots of tools available to help you. Thanks to the development of an amazing tool called Fantastico DeLuxe, what used to require lots of technical knowledge of how to use FTP, how to install scripts, and troubleshoot them, now even those who consider themselves to have technology phobia can install the most sophisticated software for their website that is free and easy to use.

If your web host offers cPanel, then you have access to a fabulous little script installer called Fantastico DeLuxe. This tool takes all of the frustration out of installing software on your server for your website. It also saves a lot of time and effort. I know it sounds crazy, but it's totally possible to install software with just one click. Let's take a look at some of the software solutions that are available right in your cPanel that can be installed using Fantastico.

You can install blogs, classifieds, CMS, customer support, discussion boards, e-commerce solutions, FAQs, hosting billing, image galleries, mailing lists, polls and surveys, project management support, site builders, wikis, and various other scripts.

For example, some of the other scripts that you can quickly and easily install using Fantastico include Open-Realty, OpenX, and PHP form generator. Let's take a quick look at how simple and easy it is to install these software programs on your website.

We will use Open-Realty as an example:

Open-Realty is a web-based Real Estate listing management and lead generation system for Real Estate agents. It uses the MySQL database on the back end, but because it is open source software, it is a very powerful and feature rich with lots of support through Wiki's and forums. To install Open-Realty, you just log into your cPanel and click on Fantastico. On the left navigation menu, scroll all the way down to 'Other scripts,' and select 'Open-Realty'.

You will see a page with the Open-Realty logo at the top and a short description of the software. Click on 'New Installation'.

Under 'Installation location,' you will see a field called 'Install on domain.' If you leave this field blank, Open-Realty will appear on your website's main page. If you would like Open-Realty to appear in a folder, type in the name of the directory in the 'Install in' directories field. This will yield a URL that looks like,

Next, you will enter admin access data. Create a unique username and secure password. Under 'base configuration,' enter your email address and the full name of the website company and location. This information can be modified once the software is installed. Next, click on 'Install Open-Realty'.

You will see a screen that shows you a summary of all of the information that you have entered. When you are sure you have entered all this information correctly, click 'Finish Installation'. That's how simple and easy it is to install any of the software scripts to your website using Fantastico.

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