How To Get Thousands Of Quality Back Links To Your Sites Efficiently

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It is no longer good enough to just make great posts, videos and articles and post them to the popular directories. Mainly they will just site there getting a couple of views here and there. If you are going to get your content noticed you need to promote your content as well especially on other people's websites. One way to do this is by bookmarking everything you post in all the social bookmarking sites.

The problem is that this is very time consuming I starting looking around for some software which would automate the process and I ran across Bookmarkwiz. Most social bookmarking software is expensive, some have recurring month fees, update fees etc. Not so with Bookmarkwiz. I also like that the software stays away from the less well known social bookmarking sites and concentrates on sites with high page rank value.

Bookmarkwiz is completely automatic. The software allows you to sign up for multiple account with multiple usernames, bypass captcha codes even confirm all the sign up emails automatically with one click! Of course when it comes time to post your bookmarks you just fill out your link title and description (you can put in several of each so that it alternates) and click post. Your link is bookmarked automatically in the major bookmarking sites. This automatically gives your posts, articles or videos high quality back links which are immediately viewable in the search engines.

If you are regularly posting content on web you need this software. You can use this to bookmark:
1. All your videosin all the video hosting sites not just YouTube
2. All your blog posts.
3. All your articles posted in all article directories
4. Your Squidoo pages.
5. You forum posts.
6. All blog comments you make on other sites
7. All forum comments you make on other people's forums
8. Any websites you just think are cool!

Can you imagine if you had started bookmarking every bit of content you had posted over the last year? This would add up to 1000s of high quality backlinks and traffic to your website Bookmarkwiz is the only software I have which makes posting automatic in every sense. It is a high quality software, with no recurring fees, excellent support, free updates and complete automation. Just type in social bookmarking software in Google and they are number 1! They must be doing something right!

Included is a very nice bonus as well. Built into the software is a whois database submitter. Have you ever seen results for your domain in the search engines where these whois type sites list your Alexa info, traffic info, whois info, and maybe even an estimated value of your website? These whois search engines scrape the web for new domains and generally are very high ranked. I have set up one of my one here.

Some webmaster are taken aback that their information is on someone else's website without their permission. But from a marketing standpoint it is good to be on these sites. Actually submitting to these whois sites is one of the fastest ways to get indexed in the search engines. Bookmarkwiz has a built in submitter which will submit your site to over 1000 whois search engines with one click! You will see immediate results if you Google your domain after submitting using the whois submitter. This is included with your Bookmarkwiz software. Go ahead and submit all your domains to the whois search engines and bookmark all your content with the social bookmarking software and you are well on your way to getting thousands of quality backlinks and targeted traffic to your website quickly. To see a free video demonstration of the software see here.
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