Google Adwords Update: The State Of Pay Per Click Advertising In 2011

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The power of the internet is recognized by people worldwide and thus the necessity for online marketers to go with this trend. If you are a business marketer, whether you are big or small, online advertising is a must to keep up with your business objectives.

However, paid advertising or PPC advertising is a complicated and hard thing to do so you may not get expected results immediately and may drain your pockets fast. Knowing how to do the essential things has to be done by the marketer in a fast manner.

While a financial budget may not be a concern for big businesses, it is a major concern for those with small pockets. Competition is so high these days that PPC is getting harder and keywords are getting more expensive with the competition, thus small business are at a disadvantage.

In small business which tries to make PPC work at a small budget, you may find yourself getting disappointed. But there are things that you can do with the situation and may still have PPC work for your strategy.

Scheduling of ad placements: Try to monitor the time of day that your ads are getting better results. It may be that your ads are only effective after office hours where office people are having their time surfing, and placing your ads at this schedule may have things working for you.

Geotargeting your ad placements: This strategy may work for you well if you will only place ads in locations where maximum results will be greater. If your products will not be available internationally, then ad expenses will just be lost when clicks are made in places where you cannot keep up with your offer.

The use of negative keywords: The strategy will just work for you if you don't want clicks that are expenses lost, and giving no conversions. Not placing ads on these words will be to your advantage and preserve your ad budget with unnecessary clicks.

An important aspect in Google Adwords PPC campaign is bid management and the budget amount you have to preserve for your chosen keywords. In order to stay competitive you have to do essential things to make your PPC campaign successful at the budgeted amount you save.

• Click through rates are essential:
Look at click through rates because this is an essential factor to get you a higher quality score with Google Adwords. This will have a greater effect on the amount you will pay for your chosen keywords.

Ad positions: Ad placements on the top three positions of the search pages may cost you a lot on keywords. Look at ad positions where you can maximize your results, get fair click throughs, but also give conversions which is the ultimate goal of your PPC campaign.

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