5 Ways to Slash your Facebook Ads CPC by Half

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The Facebook sponsored ads platform (AKA Facebook ppc) is all the rage right now and for good reason. In no other medium on the planet can you connect with such qualified prospects and potential customers.

It doesn't matter if you're an online marketer or a local business either. Facebook ppc advertising is a cash-cow for those that know how to harness it properly. The cool thing is that it's a lot simpler and less strict than Google Adwords.

Here are some quick tips that will help you dramatically decrease your cost per click (CPC) so you can increase your return on investment.
1) Send traffic to a Facebook fan page, as opposed to your website or external URL. Facebook favors their network and rewards you for keeping traffic on their network.

2) Use pattern interrupts. This mostly has to do with image selection. Don't use what competitors are using. Make your image stand-out and get noticed.

Use red arrows, scribbles, weird symbols, current events, and attractive women to get attention.

3) Rotate ads frequently. Facebook ppc ads have a "shelf-life" of about 2 weeks. If your ad starts rising in costs and the click through rate drops, you'll pay more per click. Refresh the ads regularly.

4) Strive for at minimum a .035% CTR. Anything less will lead to an increase in the CPC. Facebook rewards ads that garner high click-through-rates with a decreased cost per click.

5) Use a sponsored story, as opposed to a regular Facebook ad. These are far less competitive at the moment because they're so new. You can target the same people as in a regular ad but you're now guaranteed news feed exposure
Implement these tips and tactics today and with certainty, your Facebook ad costs will drop. This giant social network is pummeling Google right now so take advantage while it's hot.

The ad costs are far less than Google Adwords (search network) at the moment, too. This holds true for most niche markets, locally and globally.
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