5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Ad Standout

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There are around 600 million Facebook users, give or take. Of those 600 million, you'd certainly like to attract a few with your Facbook Ad. But how do you create an advertisement that's going to attract people to your site and more importantly buy your product? That's the big question.

Too many ads on Facebook do nothing to attract attention. And even of they do, they don't result in sales. Here are five tips that you can use to get people to notice your advertisement, click on it and secure a sale.

Your Image

The picture you choose is probably the most important part of any Facebook Ad. The first thing to remember is that whatever image you choose, you're creating an image of your business that, if effective, will be etched in people's minds.

Your picture needs to convey the essence of your business in an active and memorable way. It should be attractive and memorable. Because you're using a thumbnail, a focused picture or image of one thing is usually better than one that's crowded with too many elements. As an example, for a getaway vacation a beautiful sunset over a beach is very effective and much better than an expansive view of that same beach at noon.


You have a total of 135 characters. That includes spaces and punctuation. Your headline must be effective, which translates into being to the point. How long should it be? Try to use 30 or fewer characters. Here are two headlines for the vacation getaway.

Headline one reads: Best Vacations

Headline two reads: Best Vacation of Your Life!

The first headlines uses 14 characters while the second wastes a total of 27! (Yes, and the exclamation point does not help.) Two or three well-chosen words can say a lot more than eight with an exclamation point. Make your headline count but don't do it by upping the word count.

Copy that Copy

Make your copy effective by ensuring it is dynamic, using powerful words and short sentences that capture the essence of your product. Short, descriptive words and active verbs and powerful modifiers are good.

Something such as "Great beaches, great food, great nightlife. Forever memories" for our "Perfect Vacations" business works well. That copy uses 60 characters.

How Pricey is Your Product

If appropriate, let the buyer in on how much your product is going to cost. This will cut down on people clicking on your ad, only to find out they cannot afford your product. If you're paying pay-per-click rates, you're losing cash on those folks. There's a big difference between "starting at $100" and "starting at $500." Both use 16 characters.

Call to Action

At this point, you've used 93 characters. You have 42 characters left. That's plenty for an effective call to action and your URL. If you include your online address and it's around 22 characters, you'll have 20 characters for your call to action.

"Your Beach Awaits!" is an inviting call to action and it's 18 characters. You've two characters to spare.

A Great Ad Pays Offs

An successful Facebook ad utilizes each and every aspect very specifically. It doesn't waste words as it gives a crystal clear picture of exactly what you are offering customers. Utilize the image, body of your ad, price, call to action and URL to attract people to your site.
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