Home Business Secrets - Discover the "Work Schedule" of Business Champions

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Right now, you have probably already started a home business or are thinking of starting one. Well, how exactly do your build a successful business? What do successful home biz entrepreneurs do day in and day out? Would you like to know? I bet you do. Read on to find out.

I try to get up as early as possible. I find that by going to bed early and waking up early, I'm much more productive. Believe me, there is no more productive time of the day than early in the morning when there are very few distractions. This is the time where I will do my more creative work, like writing sales letters, promotional ads, and articles. I also do a lot of my product creation in this time. What I like to do is do all the hardest stuff early so that it is out of the way.

I advise that you do your most profitable activities early in the day when you are fresh and more creative. If you make your main income mostly from email marketing, for example, then you would probably want to write your marketing emails early in the morning. If you derive your income from article marketing, then write your articles during this period.

The rest of the day can then be spent contacting joint venture partners, checking up on freelancers who are working on your projects, checking your stats and optimizing your paid advertising accounts such as your pay per click accounts. You can also do your niche research, keyword research in this time.

The final part of the day can be spent on forums in your market, reading up on new information, and socializing on social networking sites. This is the time when you have fun after a day's work.

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