Article Marketing Tips - 5 Ways To Make Perpetual Profits From Article Marketing!

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Article marketing is a surefire way to get customers and sales online. The best part is, the effects from articles you write and submit are instant as well as long lasting. Here are 5 ways to make perpetual profits from article marketing:

1. You can use your articles to fuel your main online business. If you're selling products online, then article submission will help you greatly in getting traffic. It is a low-cost, low-risk way of getting prospects for your business.

2. You can write articles for other people as a ghostwriter or freelance writer as they call it. The downside with this strategy is that once you write the articles, you don't derive any residual value out of them, as the value is passed on to the business owner, so you have to keep writing new articles to generate an income.

3. You can use articles to get priority in the search engines, either directly through your articles or by using them to build back links to your main website. You can then funnel the traffic to your sales page or subscription form to generate leads.

4. You can get paid for submitting articles to sites like Associated Content, provide your article gets accepted. This is another great additional way to make an income on the Internet. In addition, you can also promote your business in this way.

5. You can use the 'Bum Marketing' method of directly promoting affiliate products in your article's resource box. Simply create an affiliate link, buy a domain, and redirect your domain to your affiliate link. Then promote the product in your article's resource box to earn commissions for every sale you generate.

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