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Web design is nothing but the process of crafting or designing of websites. There is a whole lot of collection of online contents in the virtual space. This includes not only personal documents but even applications that are located on a different web server. Thus web designing essentially need a lot of skills as well as creativity, to separate what all is needed from all the junk of data available.

This is why when getting into web designing; certain principles have to be kept in mind. Just because there is the availability of abundant options, one often fails to notice the fact, that there are a set of essential web design principles which more often than not, may hinder the user from achieving the objectives for which the website is built. Let us now understand some of those core web design principle in brief:

1. Focus is the key:
There must be a goal in mind, as to the purpose of the website. The design always has to follow the website purpose. The whole process of creating a website into being needs some direction, so that the website can be made as per the clients need. For this one needs to be focused. Search around for similar businesses and their websites. This would work as fodder for the website you are preparing to design.

2. Ease of usage:
Always keep in mind the fact that the website is ultimately going to be used by people who are looking for easy navigation. So make sure that the website is user friendly and visitor friendly. All the processes and other paraphernalia of the purpose of the website should be easily translatable even to the most naive of web surfers.

3. Content is king:
All the designing and everything will ultimately only be able to delight the user. To actually make him understand the concept, or make him take an action, the content of the website should be attractive. Lucid language, friendly tones, etc are some of the ways to keep the content strong and in sync with the website image.

Thus website designing is a culmination of a lot of principles like the ones stated above and many more.

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