How To Fix Youtube Not Showing In Chrome Browser

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I've being using Chrome for almost 2 years.
I love this browser. Speed is the my first reason.
But lately, when Flash updated their software, I've problem to watch youtube.
To watch youtube, I'll copy the video url, and watch it on my other browsers.
Well, it sick. :p
Just few minutes ago, I am totally annoyed with chrome and almost shutting down this browser forever,
fortunately, I spend some time to solve the problems.
And here what I found.

Try right clicking inside the video player, select "Settings" and uncheck the box for "Enable hardware acceleration" then refresh the page. If the Settings option is grayed out, then go to your channel page or any channel page, play the featured vid if isn't auto-played and do it from there. You should be able to select the Settings option from within the channel player.


Hope this will be helpful for anyone out there that have the same problem like me.
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Thanks !

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