List Building Tips - How Do You Build a Monster List That Gives You Massive Paydays?

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Do you want to build a big, responsive list that will give you consistent massive paydays? Then pay attention to this article because I'm going to reveal the few key strategies that I use daily to grow my lists even while I sleep:

1. Article Marketing. This is quite simply one of the top ways of driving free traffic to your opt-in page. By sharing information for free with your articles, you are getting your target market to trust you, so they are much more apt to opt-in to your list.

2. Create A Free Gift. It used to be that you could put up a page that says 'Join My Newsletter!' and people will sign up in droves. That is not the case anymore, unfortunately. You need to put up a valuable free gift to get visitors to sign up for your list. I like to offer a free PDF report because it is simple to create and easy to consume.

3. Increase Your Squeeze Page Opt-In Rates. Create a page that entices more visitors to opt-in to your list. I use Google's Website Optimizer and Google Analytics to track my opt-ins and split-test different pages to compare their conversion rates. You will want to constantly do this to improve your conversions.

4. Use Direct Response Advertising. The model of direct response ads still works like gangbusters on the Internet. Put up short little ads using pay per click advertising, banner advertising and classified ads to get targeted traffic. These forms of traffic are worth gold because you are in control. Unlike joint ventures where you are not in control of the process, these traffic sources make you self-sufficient.

5. Forum Marketing. I make it a point everyday to post daily to my favorite forums. How do I get traffic? By putting in a little blurb about my website in my signature file. If you want to go with this method, post solid information in your posts and you will rapidly build up a following and of course, your list!

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