How I Put My First Ebook For Sale On Kindle

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So why would you want to sell you ebook on Kindle? Because Amazon has remained the undisputed leader in the e-reader category, accounting for 59% of e-readers shipped. There are millions of Kindles that have been sold and continue to be sold. If you are looking to get exposure for your ebook this is one of the first places you want your ebook to be published.

I have been giving away my ebook. It is mainly a traffic generator for me. So I uploaded my ebook to Kindle not necessarily as a way to make a lot of money selling my ebook but as a linking, traffic building and branding method.

Having a link back from is definitely a high quality linking strategy.

So here is what I did:

First I went to the Kindle Direct Publishing Page here:
If you already have an account with Amazon use that account to log in if not create an Amazon account.

I then simply filled out all the required fields about my ebook. It was very simple.

You will need an ebook cover. There is ebook cover creation software out there and an online ebook cover creation service here. However, I have zero talent for graphics so I just hired a gifted graphic designer for about $35. to design an ebook cover for me. He delivered it to me in about 6 different sizes. You can see his what he did for me on the upper right of this page. His site is I highly recommend his work.

The only other problem I had was with the format of my ebook. My ebook was in PDF format. When I tried to upload the ebook I just got error messages. I noticed that Amazon was recommending software called MobiPocket to put my ebook into the correct format.

I downloaded Mobipocket, installed it on my computer then uploaded my PDF document and followed the instructions.

Here are the instructions which are on the Kindle page:

1. Open Mobipocket Creator.
2. Select "HTML Document" (or PDF Like I did) from the section "Import from an Existing File".
3. Browse to the HTML/PDF file and press "Import".
4. This will open the book editing function. Click on "Cover Image."
5. Click "Add a Cover Image" and browse your files to locate the book cover.
6. Select your book cover and click "Update" to save your cover.
7. Select "Build" from the Menu.
8. On the Build page, click "Build."

Once I followed all the instructions I was left with a PRC (or .prc) file on my computer. I uploaded that file through the Kindle online interface and it worked perfectly. Right now my ebook is going through a mandatory 24 hours approval process. It should be live on Kindle within one day. Then my ebook will be available to millions of Kindle users instantly!

I chose the least expensive price option I could find of 99 cents which is almost free. My cut is going to be 30%. There was an option to get a 70% commission but I would have had to price the ebook at $2.99. And basically since I wanted to keep this ebook as close to free as possible I chose the 30% commission structure with the 99 cent price.

I also noticed that the ebook would be available to UK and German Kindle users. Sweet! I am now an internationally known author! LOL.

Here is the link to download the MobiPocket software.

Don't have an ebook yet? Well you can download mine, re-brand it with your own website and affiliate links with my online re-brander, then sell it or distribute it yourself. You can even put it on Kindle if you wish. I do not mind the competition.

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