HostGator Hosting - Which Shared Hosting Plan Should I Choose?

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HostGator Shared Hosting

HostGator website hosting is not only the top rated hosting company but also one of the most affordable ones as well. When choosing a HostGator shared hosting package though it can become confusing on which one you may or may not need. There is nothing worse then signing up for something you later find out that you either don’t need or you need something better. Please follow this guide to help aid you in this decision and check out the bottom of the article for nice HostGator promo codes to new customers.

HostGator Hosting – Shared Hosting?

First of all, you may ask what is Shared hosting? Basically what Shared hosting means is your account is put on a server with other accounts so you share the server’s hardware with others. Think of it as renting a room in an apartment building. You rent a small portion of the server and others rent there as well sharing bandwidth, processing and memory power. Now if you have a small to medium website or several small websites that don’t get a ton of traffic then you will probably be fine with shared hosting. Normally it’s best to start here and then you can upgrade as you need to.

HostGator Hosting – Different Shared Hosting Packages

The Hatchling Plan is for someone who only needs hosting for one domain name only. Say you purchased a domain name and are focusing in on this one domain name for many months then this is the account for you. This is also the cheapest of the all HostGator hosting packages Shared or not. You obtain unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for this one website. Everything else is the exact same as the next plan up the only difference is that the Hatchling Plan is for hosting for only one website only so you cannot add other domain names. Remember, you can always upgrade later though so if you choose this plan and decide you want to add more sites in 6 months then you can do that fairly easily.

The Baby Plan is the exact same as the Hatchling Plan except you can add unlimited domain names to this account. What this means is you can host as many websites as you want. Adding domain names is fairly easy to do in Cpanel (the tool used to manage your hosting account – think of it as your hosting dashboard). To do this all you have to do is click on the Addon Domains button in Cpanel and type in your domain name you want to add. Change the name servers to point to your HostGator account and you are good to go. The Baby Plan is a great package for those who already have more than 1 website they need hosting for now or in the near future.

The Business Plan is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a shared hosting plan built for business needs. The main differences here is it also gives you a Toll Free Number and Free Private SSL & IP address. Having a Toll Free Number for your business can really set you apart and make you look like a solid company rather then a business ran in someone’s garage (no matter where you actually run your business). A Private SSL certificate and private IP address is also important if you run a business (and often overlooked). A Shared SSL certificate basically means you share a secure certificate with Hostgator so when you go to a secure URL on your website you’ll see something like this:

However if you have a private SSL and private IP address you’ll see the following:

It just adds another layer of looks for your website business that some users may or may not pick up on. Baby and Hatchling plans can also purchase a Private SSL certificate for $50/year.

So as you can see Shared hosting plans offer a variety of functions for different types of users. I hope you found this guide helpful and be sure to check out the heavily discounted HostGator Promo Codes below.

HostGator Discount Promo Codes For New Customers

Please see the below HostGator promo codes for new customers only. If you had a previous HostGator account but you canceled it you are only eligible for these if you canceled your account at least 12 months ago.
  • HostGator Promo Code: SharedHosting1 - First month for only 1 cent (Baby & Hatchling) or $9.94 off first month of Business Plan
  • HostGator Promo Code: SharedHosting2 - 25% off your shared hosting plans (normal discount is 20% off).

To use these HostGator Discount codes simply erase the current code that shows up when you click on a shared hosting package and insert one of the two codes shown above. Instant HostGator savings!
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