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More and more people use social media these days and small business need to make use of that. If you are a business owner and would like to use social media to your advantage, there are certain tips that can be very useful for you.

1. Know Your Target
You need to know what your market is and start connecting with people who fit the profile. There is so much information on social media and you can make use of the information to find out which people you can pitch your products to.

2. Research
It is wrong to assume that if you create a fan page or send a tweet that people will swarm around your website. You need to establish contact with people. When people visit your fan page and leave a comment, you should reply. If someone replies to your tweet, reply back. The main idea behind social media is interaction and you need to interact. Do some research and find out which sites work best for you. Not everyone can send great messages using just 140 characters.

3. Be “Human”

When you find that there are people who are “liking” your updates or following you, find out who they are and communicate with them by sending informative and quality messages. Send personalized messages and not some auto-generated generic ones. If you are sending emails, make sure they are not spam or you will turn people away. People like to communicate with other people and not machines churning out spam.

4. Give Credit Where Credit is Due

If you are re-posting a message or re-tweeting, make sure that you give credit where it is due and not claim the message as your own. Claiming credit for someone else’s message may cause some resentment and people will find out sooner or later. It is always best to be responsible and mention the name of the original sender or tweeter of the message you are re-sending. Better yet, ask for permission from the person who originally posted the message, if you can re-port it or share it with your friends. It is a great way to build goodwill and also give your business a very professional image.

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