SEO Strategies for New Websites

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It is not easy starting an online business. A new website can be difficult to launch especially when there are search engines that give webmasters challenges. Whenever a new site is launched, search engines do not trust it right away. Once the site starts getting traffic and links from other websites, it earns some brownie points and a little bit of trust.
When the site finally gets trusted links, it gets higher search engine result rankings. This can take a long time though. There are however, some things you can do to make this happen much faster.

Choose Your First Few Links Wisely
It is a good idea to have the first few links from trusted sites. Submitting your link to directories like Yahoo Directory can help make your journey towards high rankings much shorter.

Spin-off Sites
There are times when a new site is simply a spin-off from an already existing site. If that is the case, you can create the new site on a new domain but not allow it to be accessed until you can redirect some of the old pages to the new pages.

Build Trust
Ideal links that help build trust are from major news sites and popular blogs. You need to try to get your links in those sites. Getting links from other relevant or related sites are good but they don’t help much with trust building.

Get Your SEO Basics Done Right
Search engines do the job of giving the most relevant search results depending on the keywords typed by the “searcher.” This is done through the use of an algorithm. This means that you need to make sure the URLs of the webpage are short. You also need to have a title tag for each web page that is relevant to the page’s content. The use of meta descriptions affect click through rates and should be used although they are no longer seen as a ranking factor. Keywords should also not appear too often on a page or the page can be considered as “spammy.” There are many webmasters who overdo their keyword density and have the keyword appear more times than they should in a page.

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