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Internet had made life easier and entertaining in many ways. But, the earlier days of it weren’t that appealing for entertaining especially when one wanted to watch a video or listen to music. Things weren’t that smooth and continuity was the biggest hurdle. There were ample breaks and people would be normally fed up.

But, with improvement in the technology and introduction of high speed bandwidth things have improved dramatically. Now, even watching a full length movie online is quite possible with the least hurdles. The basic method behind this is that the server sends in the audios/ videos by way of streaming (also called broadcasting in the common parlance) in a coded form. There is an intermediary decoder which decodes these streams back to legible format and delivers to the users system.

Earlier there were only a couple of browsers that were used. But today, with advancement there are multiple types of browsers that we use. While some of the audio streaming were compatible to certain specific browsers some where not thereby creating difficulty for access by many. Keeping this in mind many software have been developed that are quite user friendly and is compatible to all types of browsers. Despite these developments the audio streaming still depends on the capability of the server and the bandwidth making it cumbersome when it comes to live streaming and recording.

Apart from this, there are many other drawbacks too which have led to the development of an alternative form of broadcasting called the Podcast. This is a method that uses digital media files and doesn’t require any streaming and can be directly downloaded and stored in the user computer through an RSS Feed and can be listened or viewed even offline. One can automatically download it and can choose the time, date and place to listen to them according to their own comfort. And this requires a simple software called podcatcher that needs to be installed in the user computer. There is another form of podcasting called Phonecasting that is popularly catching up as it doesn’t require a microphone and is replaced by a telephone. So, one can simply dial a number and start recording.

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