Banner Advertising and Blogging- a symbiotic relation

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Advertising is the key component of success nowadays. For anything, may it be a product or a program, advertising is absolutely necessary for drawing in the crowd. On the other hand, the fastest growing medium of communication and information is the internet and the web market is a very crucial aspect. For any kind of business to be promoted online one will need the help of advertising. One can earn this way too. There are certain other sites like social network sites and blogs of people which can be used for the purpose of advertising.

What is Banner Advertising all about?

When one advertises on the World Wide Web in the form of a banner then it is referred to as Banner Advertising. This is a kind of advertising in the internet which includes a banner ad or commonly referred to as the web banner. This kind of advertising has to be done in a web page so that it attracts people who commonly visit that page. Banner Advertising can be of various forms; it may be animated, may have sound and image and uses technology like Flash, Shockwave or Java. These advertisements come in the format of banners, that is, they are either tall and narrow or wide and short. These web ad banners are not placed in just any page, but the pages which are capable of arousing the interest of the users and are visited often. By placing a web ad in one’s place one can earn money too.

Banner Advertising in Blogs
Blogging is done by almost everyone and if you are interested then you can earn money by Blogging too! Creativity and money comes in hand in hand! Blog is generally a website or partially one which has a definite set of visitors depending on whose blog it is. The system works this way- suppose I place a web ad in my Blog page. I usually have a lot of people visiting my blog and whenever they click on the ad in my blog I get paid for each and every click. So, while Blogging one can earn easy money too!
So, while writing is a creative piece one can earn money too and thus we can say that in a certain way Blogging and Banner Advertising go hand in hand.

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