Benefits of Banner Advertising

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Internet and businesses online has totally changed the face of the internet marketing and advertising world. Today, one’s online advertisement can be viewed world over without any geographical barriers. And the method used is also in such an advanced stage that a one time development is enough to display it on various websites. These background images of these banner ads are in the form of JPEG, GIF etc. from which they are further developed into multimedia files using Adobe Flash, Java, Shockwave etc.

Unlike the earlier days of online advertising which was a difficult task today it is one of the most simplest and effective way of advertising. This doesn’t require any complicated software to be installed in one’s website. The company can tie up with various other websites to display its advertisement on other websites and for this too there is no need of any software. Everything is automated with a simple link which needs to be embedded in the affiliate’s websites which will display neatly the multimedia advertisement. This is called the banner advertising and forms a major part of the affiliate revenue that a website can earn.

Whenever a visitor visits the said affiliate’s website the advertisement will be flashing out and when the interested visitor clicks on this ad he will be directed to the website of the original owner. In turn, the affiliate who has displayed this advertisement on his site would get a certain amount as affiliate revenue. This is also called the pay per click method or PPC advertising.

This method of banner advertising is quite popular as the company’s ad is widespread and the cost involved is very minimal. The potential customers frequently view these ads giving them a fair knowledge about the company and its products. Such frequent visibility many times creates curiosity tempting them to click on them and know more about it or even become a customer.

These also give the advertisers a benefit of real time analysis and providing an actual statistics on various aspects like the mindset of the audience, the sites that are attracting more customers and the products that are more opted for. With all these benefits banner advertising is no doubt the popular method of advertising.

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