9 Ways To Increase Link Popularity If You Are Feeling Lucky

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1. Become Famous- Write a book, hire a publicist, go on a book tour, do interviews with the major media and make sure everyone knows who you are. Famous people have hundreds of thousands of fans, Twitter followers, Diggs. If you are famous you can skip most of the techniques described here. People will publish your articles, Digg and share your content. But imagine if you were famous and you did everything here?

I was reading some articles by Richard Branson and Alec Baldwin. The articles actually were lightweight articles, mainly fluff. If I had written them they would never have been published. However, since they were written by the owner of Virgin and a movie star they were published in the highest traffic publications.

Easier said than done I know. But do not forget good old fashioned PR. Not PageRank but public relations. Just make sure they spell your name right.

2. Start A Twitter War- Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have an organization against trafficking. The Village Voice runs Backpage.com which sells rather racy ads. The Village Voice accused Kutcher of not getting his facts straight. Well Kutcher has 7 million Twitter followers and 10 million fans on Facebook!

Like I said, if you are famous you do not have to worry too much about begging for backlinks. Well Kutchner is mad as hell and has started a Twitter War. Thousands of links to Kutcher and to the Village Voice in hundreds of major online publications are the result.

The moral of the story is that if you pick the right fight with the right person who has zillions of Twitter followers you could start a media storm which will result in hundreds if not thousands of backlinks to your website. Use this technique with caution! Here is an article about the Village Voice Ashton Kutcher Twitter wars.

P.S. What a coincidence that Demi Moore aired a CNN special about the same subject at the same time the Twitter War started. We could all learn a thing or two about public relations from this power couple!

3. Just Buy Links- If you have more money than time you can just buy links from the most popular link seller Textlinkads.com.

4. Create An iPhone App For Your Blog- More and more people are using their cell phones. Make it easier for people to link to you from their smart phones. Here is an article from John Chow on how to create an iPhone app for your blog.

5. Send Networking Emails To The Top Bloggers In Your Industry Without Asking For Links Back- What? Don't ask for links? If you send out a link exchange request to a top dog in your industry as your first contact it will just be discarded. When it comes to the big players just get to know them first. Ask questions, compliment, contribute and contact them without a particular request at first. Once you have developped a relationship you can start talking about link requests.

6. Create A Quiz With A Button That Webmasters Can Put On Their Websites- Here is a little quiz I built with a free Quiz Builder:
Is Google Good Or Evil

Google has the motto "do no evil" which means that they try to do business in a way which is not evil. Do you agree that Google does business this way?

  1. Is Google Good Or Evil



When you click Judge Google you will be presented with a link to learn more which goes back to my site. Encourage webmasters to place the quiz on their sites so engage their visitors. Every visitor who takes the quiz will be redirected back to your site and of course there is the link on the other webmaster's site back to your site.

7. Build A Free Wordpress Theme And Give It Away- There are thousands of blogs being created every week. There are also many directories where you can showcase your free Wordpress theme. If you or your designer can come up with a beautiful or unique wordpress theme it can be listed on all the theme directories and you can have a link back to your website on every person's blog who uses your theme.

8. Cover Popular Events In Your Niches- Attend a popular well-attended event in your industry. Cover the event the best you can, meet people, take pictures, take notes on all the tell everybody that you are covering the event, get the email addresses of everyone you can, take videos then write it up on your blog or website.

When you do email/and or call everybody whose info you gathered about the blog post. Contact the organizers of the event and all the speakers. Send them links to their photos and write ups.

9. Get A Scoop- If you discover news about your industry first and publish it you could have thousands linking back to your original story talking about their own personal experiences with this news scoop. Why do you think the old newspaper reporters were so keen to get the scoop on the other newspapers? Keep your eyse open for the latest news and be the first to jump on it!

Even if you do not ask (and you should) many top players will link to your site, photos and videos. Plus, if you coverage is good you just paved the way with some major networking!

Congratulations on finishing this very long post! I know there is an enormous amount of material here. I suggest picking one technique that resonates with you and getting to work. Please let me know the results here.

Oh yes, and please remember to link to this post on your website or blog! I forgot to mention the last techniqe, begging!
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