4 Inoffensive Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website

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1. Create An Info Product-Offer 100% And Immediate Paypal Commissions To Affiliates Using Rapid Action Profits Affiliate Script- Rapid Action Profits is a server based script which allows you to offer an affiliate product for your digital products. You can choose to give your affiliate 100% commissions to give them the motivation to promote your info products.

Affiliates are even more motivated because they get paid immediately to their Paypal account. There is no waiting to get paid as with affiliate systems like Clickbank. The advantage to you is that the links they use on their sites will be leading to your site.

The more affiliate links affiliates place around the web the more backlinks you get.

Plus this is a great way to build your mailing list. True you do not receive immediate cash for your product but your affiliates are super motivated and they will be an army of affiliates out there promoting your product.

You can build your list and your traffic and offer other products to these new visitors where you can earn money. To learn more about Rapid Action Profits please see here.

2. List Your 100% Commission Info Product On Rapbank.com- Rapid Action Profits, discussed in the previous point, has it's own marketplace where you can showcase your Rapid Action Profits affiliate program to recruit potential affiliates.

Not only do you have a chance of getting more affiliates and therefore more backlinks but you also get direct backlinks to your website on the Rapbank.com Marketplace.

This is similar to the Clickbank.com Marketplace except it is exclusively for Rapid Action Profits powered affiliate programs. Affiliates who go there are more motivated because they know they will get paid immediately. See here to learn more about Rapbank.com.

3. Start A Service Which Takes Automatic Submissions From Submission Services-

Years ago I started a website called Leadclub.net. It was an ffa link network. Submission services promised to submit their customers websites to thousands of directories and ffa pages. My service was one of the networks they submitted.

Submission services slammed my network with submissions. I then sent them confirmation emails confirming their submission and asking for a link back. Now the ffa concept is dead and I have changed that site to a traffic exchange.

So I do not recommend you start an ffa network. However, there are other services like that. For example you could start your own software directory and you could be one of the software directories that people submit to.

You could start your own social bookmarking site, your own website directory, your own article directory. Just think of services that people submit to.

You want to be one of those services because submission services will bring you customers without you having to advertise. Many of them will have forms where you can request that add your directory to their list of sites they submit to.

Now usually they list the directories they submit to right on their website. There is another back link for me. But more important you can send a confirmation to each submitter including a request to link back to you.

I get about 200 webmasters per day joining my article submission site Articledude.com. I do nothing for this traffic! The submission services keep bringing me leads.

There are many scripts ready to buy that are well developed for these purposes. You do not need to hire a programmer for this software. Another hot niche is classified ads. Offer free classified ads in your niche and ask advertisers for a link back. You can check out my free classifieds ads website here.

4. Create A List Of Top 10 Myths For Your Niche- People really love lists. (I went a little crazy here with the condept!) What can I do? People love them, comment on them, add to them, and of course link to them.
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