3 Tacky And 3 Hip Ways To Build Link Popularity For Your Blog

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1. Set Up A Profile On LookupPage.com- Ok this is nowhere near as good as Zimbio but you might as well set up a quick profile here. It is basically just a place to list your business details and they give the ability to upload your logo and link your website to it. It is kind of like a bare bones Google Places page.

They offer upgraded packages for more visibility but I do not really see much value in that. Just set up a quick free page, get that link and let's move on. Check out my Lookuppage.com profile here.

2. Fill Out A Profile With Links On Visibleme.com- Similar to Lookuppage.com but better. You can set up a profile with a bunch of links. For some reason Google ranks these profile sites rather highly. I am not sure why they just aggregate info. However, you might as well take advantage.

They let you put quite a few links inluding any feeds you might have which are updated in real-time on their site. You also get another badge. I guess I need these "stinkin' badges." Here is mine. Click on it to see my profile on Visibleme.com.

3. Submit Your Site To The Cool Site Of The Day And Other Cool Site Of The Day Type Sites- With this site you submit your website and if you get featured they let all 150,000 members know about it.

There is no guarantee here but it just takes a second to submit your site to these types of sites. Are you feeling luck? You can try submitting your site to these two sites: SEO Company | Submit Site to Google | SEO Optimization Top Site Of The Day

I would not spend much time with these two techniques. Just submit and run. If they pick up your site great, if not you have not wasted much time.

4. Exchange Blog Reviews With Other Blogs- There are plenty of blogs who will write a review of your blog and post in on their blog if you do the same for them. This is essentially blog review swapping.

A mutual admiration club of sorts since I doubt you will be exchanging scathing reviews of each other's sites though that might be fun in a sick sort of way! Having a semi impartial review and/or endorsement of your site on a respected blog is some of the best advertising and backlinking you can get.

Here is a list of sites who engage in this type of activity.

5. Submit Coupons To Coupon Directories- You can submit coupons to sites like Coupon Cabin and My Coupon Codes and get valuable backlinks as well as actual customers.

Here are some tips to remember when submitting your coupons to coupon directories: always include your principal keywords in your listing title, remember to promote your listings to your existing customer base, include several listings under the same brand name but with different titles and keywords to get more exposure on the site.

Here is a more complete list of coupon sites.

6. Use Odiogo To Turn Your Blog Posts Into Podcasts And Submit Them To The Podcast Directories- Odigo free service will turn your written blog posts into audio files that can be listened to by Itunes or any other podcast player.

If you install their wordpress plugin it will install a little "Listen Now" icon next to your blog posts. Your viewers can choose to listen to your blog posts rather than read your blog posts. They can also download the mp3 file of your blog post to their computer and listen and share your audio version of your blog post.

Check out any of the posts on my blog here to see a live example. To be clear, you do not have to record anything. Odigo will read you blog post automatically and transform it to an audio file. The voice is a pretty good computer generated voice. Your viewers then have the option of listening to your blog post or reading it.

You can take the mp3 files it creates and submit them to the podcast directories. Here is a list of podcast directories where you may submit your podcasts.

Odigo also creates an audio rss feed of your blog posts. Here is mine as an example. You can take this feed and bookmark it in all the social bookmarking sites with Bookmark Demon as well as submit it to the RSS directories with RSS Submitter.

You can also use the very same RSS feed from Odigo and submit it to all the podcast directories. See here to register your blog with Odiogo for free now. If you want to submit your individual mp3 files to podcast directories you need to create an RSS feed for your podcast.

Don't worry it is not that hard. Here is a tutorial on how to create a podcast rss feed using Blogger.com.

An even less technical solution for creating your rss feeds you can use a service called Read My Words. This service will take any text document or blog post and automatically turn it into an audio recording.

It will then give you a feed to use for your podcast submissions. They even turn your audio into a video that you can embed with a sort of cartoon character reading your podcast. Very easy to use service.

Here are some instructions for submitting your podcast to iTunes:

1. Open the iTunes program.

2. Sign-in to the iTunes Music Store. You may need to create an account if you don't have already one.

3. Within the Music Store, there is a section called "Podcasts" on the left hand side menu bar. Click on "Podcasts".

4. Click on "Submit a Podcast" on the left hand side menu bar.

5. Enter in your podcast feed URL.

6. Follow the simple on-screen instructions provided.
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