4 Link Popularity Techniques That Might Make You Turn Red

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1. Professional Directory Submission- Do not want to do all the work yourself? Here is a service where they will submit your site to 350+ directoriesand continue to build backlinks every month for you.

2. Build Backlinks On Autopilot With Buildmyrank.com Service- Basically you submit or have Buildmyrank.com write and submit an article for you of about 150 words. In each article you include one backlink to your site.

Buildmyrank the gradually builds backlinks to your site over a variety of networks. See here for more details.

3. Guest Blogging- There are many popular blogs looking for quality original articles to publish on their blogs. It helps them because they do not have to think of material and it helps you because you get backlinks and exposure on established well promoted media in your niche.

Even if they do not have a published guest blogger policy you can just offer a quality original article and see what they think. The worst thing that happens is that they get to know you!

4. Press Release Submission-
Submitting press releases can be a very effective way to get quite a few backlinks. There are free press release submissions services that you can get started with.

If you want to spend big money getting your message out to the major media make sure you have something very special to announce. Here is a list of sites where you can submit press releases.
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