E commerce or E books? Both are an immense part of the internet

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In the present day and age internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Is there anything that we can claim is not supported by the internet? Internet is the only electronic media that allows you to communicate throughout the people of the globe. Starting from shopping till marriage, from education till marketing, from business till communicating, everything is possible on internet. Most of the applications which are done via internet are denoted with an “E” in their beginning. For example the trade or commerce that takes place with the help of internet is known as E commerce. The mails or the so called letters that we send to any one for communicating are known as E mails. The online business marketing network is known as E marketing, the books that are available online for the laymen to read are known as the E books and so on.

E commerce has literally changed the mode of trading. It has not only made it easier for the common man to sell or buy goods and services sitting at comfortable corner of your home but has also made each and every person to know the ins and outs of online trading.

E books have made reading a funny and enjoyable thing for the kids to perform. The reason why selling and buying has become easier via E commerce is that in through internet the person who wish to sell his or her products can advertise it in the various pages of the world wide web also known as internet. If there would have been no internet services then the business person could be able to advertise it in the local newspaper and television. This means only a lesser number of people will be able to know about the new product to be launched in the market. Whereas, if he or she publishes the advertisement in various websites of internet; then the new product to be launched, gets the maximum publicity ever.

An E book on the other hand is a kind of digital book that is available on the internet. With the facility of E books the students can find books of their interest on any topic in the interest for studying.

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