List Building Secrets - The Proven System For Building a 6-Figure Business With List Building

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You have probably already heard the stories of 'gurus' making thousands in a single day just by sending one email to their mailing list. Guess what, many of these stories are true! You can make thousands with just one email to your list, and you can definitely make hundreds per day with one email if you build a responsive list. But just how do you do it?

Here is my proven system for building a 6-figure business from list building:

Step 1 - Create A Bait

You need to create a 'bait' to get visitors to opt-in to your mailing list. This can typically be a free ebook, free e-course, free newsletter and the like. I like to use a combination of a free ebook and newsletter.

Step 2 - Create A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is basically a short direct response driven page that asks visitors to opt-in to a list. All you need is a short, attention-grabbing headline, a few bullets and your subscription form to have an effective squeeze page.

Step 3 - Send Traffic To Your Page

Generate traffic to your page to start growing your list through different means such as article marketing, pay per click advertising, joint ventures and ezine ads. All these methods can pump huge flows of leads into your autoresponder.

Step 4 - Send Out Emails

Send out a mixture of content and promotional emails to your list. It is very important that you get this balance right. Too many informational emails, and your subscribers may not buy from you. Too many promotional stuff, and you will get lots of unsubscribes! Now go and build the list that will make you rich!

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