Traffic Generation Secrets - 3 Optimum Ways to Generate Floods of Thirsty Visitors

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There are numerous ways you can use to drive traffic right to your website and build a business upon. There is article marketing, pay per click advertising, joint ventures, email marketing, forum marketing, blogs, and newer lesser-known strategies like Facebook advertising, blog advertising and pay per view advertising. But if you are running your own business, and not sending to affiliate offers, there are certain methods that are tried and true and work the best.

For me, personally, Web 2.0 marketing and blogs are not suitable for my business and they don't generate as much customers as I would like. The exception for Web 2.0 is video marketing. I've had good results with that.

With that said, here are the 3 optimal ways to drive targeted visitors to your website:

1. Pay per click advertising. I would advise starting on a small budget and starting off with Google first. Once your ads are producing results on Google, expand your advertising efforts on Yahoo, MSN and other lesser-known pay per click networks.

2. Article marketing. This is personally my favorite traffic generation method, because the type of visitors you get are just extremely targeted. For an example, with an article like this, I can get dozens of unique visitors to my business.

3. Joint ventures. Set up win-win deals with other entrepreneurs who operate in your target market. This is the fastest way to get new leads and customers for free! Think about it. When a JV partner promotes for you, you are essentially 'stealing' their leads and customers for nothing.

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