List Building Revealed - The Methodology of Creating Your Own Lead Pumping Squeeze Page

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Just like creating a sales letter, there are certain specific things that you need on a squeeze page to convert visitors into subscribers. You need to follow proven copywriting principles to generate a high-converting squeeze page that generates leads for you like clockwork.

In many ways, a squeeze page is very similar to a sales letter. In fact, I would call it a condensed version of a sales letter. With a sales letter, you have a headline, bullets and a call-to-action. Same when you are creating a lead generating page. The only difference is you don't have to write long paragraphs or a long story for your lead generating page since it is only a free offer.

With a paid product, you are selling the product. What happens when you are trying to generate leads is you are trying to sell the opt-in. You are trying to get visitors to give you their name and email address so you can follow-up with them. And your visitor's email is definitely worth something to them. So you have to 'sell' them on it.

The quality and benefit of your free product that you offer on your page must exceed the 'cost' of your visitor giving you his email address. If a visitor perceives the 'cost' as worth it, you have a subscriber.

So in the same way that you would write a killer headline for your sales letter, you would want to do the same for your opt-in page. Write a killer headline, include a few enticing bullet points and don't forget to call your visitors to action; tell them to sign up now.

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